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SxS 42: Standing Still by oryx-gazella SxS 42: Standing Still by oryx-gazella

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"That was a suprisingly good night's sleep, Stein", Spirit yawned stretching his arms behind himself, working out the kinked muscles in his shoulder blades.

Said doctor smiled warmly up at his Sempai's half draped form from where he was sitting in front of the red head.

Spirit had, again, come back from the previous night drunk out of his skull from his favourite club and promptly declared that Stein's tutting at his choice of venue was "none of his damn business".
Adding; "Mr Four Eyes" to purposely goad the grey haired doctor into a response.

Having then been wrestled to the ground, stripped of all his clothes and more or less been taken advantage of, Spirit mentally scolded himself for baiting his Meister...again.

"First time without a hangover too, even better!" The Deathscythe beamed, laughing and stretching his arms out to the sides.
He remembered with a mental cringe the numerous times before he had been in Stein's bed nursing a hang over.
Stein had been sympathetic, but something was odd at how the doctor behaved when Spirit told him he couldn't recall most of the night's prior activities.

"Being damn stupid with your safety", he thought he had heard Stein mumble before sleep over took him.

Dragging his gaze away from the green open shirt of Spirit, Stein lowered his olive coloured eyes, brow crossed.

"Sempai..." Stein whispered, voice heavy with meaning.

"I want you to stop getting drunk."

"Eh?", was the reply from the red head.

"I'm not saying you can't drink", Stein stated looking at the bed covers Spirit's knees were digging into, noticing the various patterns the creases made absentmindedly.

"And I know you wouldn't knowingly do anything to compromise yourself or others...but..."

Spirit watched his best friend carefully. Something in Stein's voice troubled him and a slow realisation dawned on the Deathscythe's face.

"I can't help but worry...that someone would take advantage of you."


Stein waved his hand dismissingly.

"I know your Shinigami sama's weapon and there is a reason for that. I know you could handle any fight. You're the best of the best."

The taller soul collector looked up at his semi standing partner, locking gazes.

"However, if something happened to you...I don't know what I'd do. You're not just my lover but my best friend."

Spirit stared.

"I'm only watching out for you, Sempai", Stein cocked a smile.

"Plus, your Liver would agree with me", he added turning the over sized screw on the side of his head with a few 'clicks'.

Spirit laughed at this but then his blue eyes softened. He took Stein's face gently in both hands and pressed their lips together.

"Fine”, Spirit breathed when their kiss ended. “Only because it was you that asked."

"Besides, I'd rather not have the wind knocked out of me when I call you 'Mr Four Eyes'", he said sticking out his tongue.

Stein smiled and wrapped his arms round Spirit's waist.

"Well, now that you're awake...I have something else I want to say."

"And that would be -ARGH!" Spirit shrieked as Stein pulled him down onto the bed laughing, eyes glimmering with lust and his smile devious.

"Did you really think you could stand there half naked and get off Scott free for making me worry last night?"


Managed to grab the computer for a bit to quickly upload this. Been a while since I uploaded some SteinxSpirit, anyway.

This is a semi follow up to:[link]

Enjoy! :D

And yes peeps, don't get drunk or Stein will come and knock the wind out of you too...or at least the pavement will *speaks from experience* :P XD

No 'Mature Warning' this time, as well...ya can't see anything ;)

Stein and Spirit are not mine, they belong to Atsushi Okubo.

Used a photo reference : D
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You will like this if you like the paring! i couldnt find a group so i made one, :)
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Ive been re watching soul eater recently too xD and have been getting abck into the hype of re-loving soul eater all over again
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