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January 31, 2021
Three Lords Auction [OPEN] by Orvaentadopts
Featured by AlexanderPaupoff
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Three Lords Auction [CLOSED]


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++ Please read my TOS before bidding, thanks! ++

Ahhhh I'm super late posting this but here is a new batch of babs! I hope you like, was trying out vibrant palettes paired with muted/dark colors :D
Auctions will end 48 hours after the latest bid. 
Winners will receive full-size transparent files of the shaded and flat versions!

1. Lord of Fleeting Time (CLOSED)

2. Lord of Light (CLOSED)
Ab by crobatz

3. Lord of Thorns (CLOSED)
Ab by squeebash

Flats are below:
Daemon 2flats by Orvaentadopts

Thank you!
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© 2021 Orvaentadopts
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do I have to ask the new owners if I want to make a 3d model or just you?

Orvaentadopts's avatar

Hi! First of all the idea of a 3D model of one of my designs is super awesome! However that would definitely be something to take up with the new owners, yeah!

ScourgeGacha's avatar

This is gonna be my top favourite. Inhales*


Orvaentadopts's avatar

Oh gosh tysm!!! I had a lot of fun designing them and was super proud of how they came out!

ScourgeGacha's avatar

Btw I’ve been having troubles doing lineart, do you make the lines bigger and then erase?

Orvaentadopts's avatar

Hi! I do erase my lines to fix up crooked lines, but I generally don't draw my lines thicker than they appear - I find it helps to zoom out for long lines (like for the legs or cape), and zoom in for details! I also tend to use a softer and slightly textured brush rather than a more solid one.

ScourgeGacha's avatar

Thank you I will try that.

joseph337's avatar

Anything can be classy

Orvaentadopts's avatar

Ty XD Love the gif haha

how I can download this photo

Orvaentadopts's avatar

Hiya! Unfortunately I have disabled downloading the full-size image, but you can certainly save the preview image if you wish. Tysm for your interest :)

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i really need some tips...
Orvaentadopts's avatar

Ah, I can try to help if you have anything specific you wish to know?

John8coming's avatar
shading and lighting
Orvaentadopts's avatar

I usually start with a multiply layer over top the flats and then erase away the light. I then add another multiply layer to dab in some spots in the darkest areas to add contrast, and then finally an overlay layer for highlights! If you need help knowing where/how lighting works, looking at reference photos or creating your own helps greatly! For me personally I feel contrast helps a lot! I usually give more light/contrast to the head/chest area and darken the legs.

John8coming's avatar
John8coming's avatar
shading and shadowing
Illustrxtive's avatar

definition of talent UwU

Orvaentadopts's avatar

Wowow tysm! You're too kind!

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That is awesome!

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