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summoner and guardian


"The people and the friends that we have lost, and the dreams that have faded...never forget them."

Summoner Yuna + Lulu ~ Final Fantasy X
© Tetsuya Nomura ~ SquareEnix

:bulletgreen: Yuna ~ :iconoruntia: (me)
:bulletgreen: Lulu ~ :iconepi-corner:
costume, props, makeup done by ourself
:camera: :iconaurilianalence:
taken at Tanjung Tum - Anyer l Indonesia l 2009

my old photo taken in 2009. i really love this photo, but my messy photo folder in my laptop buried it until I forgot its existence. Yesterday, I found it:heart::heart:

this photo done by our close friend ~aurilianalence. she is always could shoot our best angle.

I do love Yuna and her relationship with Lulu. FFX is really romantic. I love the story, the characters, the settings…love it all…..

year ago, my Yuna costume damaged due heavy rain that ruined my roof and flooding my room TT____TT ~ so saaaad
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I love your FF-X cosplay! it's one of the best :star: Lulu looks gorgeous too. Love the setting of this photo and the atmosphere as well  :)
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This is just gorgeous. I agree about the part where FFX is full of amazing relationships. Although it does have quite a few flaws, (Tidus being the biggest) it is still my favourite FF game. I'ma Kimahri fangirl meself, heh.

You two look just like the characters. It could be a still from a live-action film. The staff that you is holding is perfect, looks like it fell out of the game. What did you make it from?

Reminds me of part of the game for some reason. The part right before Sin inflicts that massive lethal tidal wave on that town.
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this is really epic! the environmet is perfect and the scene seems to come out directly from the game. plus your friend and you cosplay Lulu and Yuna really well! <3
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thank you for your comment:hug:
very big thanks to my friend who took this photo:heart:
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You two are perfect!
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you think so?
thank you so muuuuch:hug:
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well, congratulations to the both of you, because it looks awesome ^-^
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thank you, dear….
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you're welcome my lady
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thank you very much…yes this is my fave photo of yuna+lulu
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You're more than welcome. It's easy to see why it's your favorite!
I'm sorry to hear it was ruined, but more importantly, I hope all the damage to the house wasn't too bad! =\
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thank you very much:hug:
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