Won Park does not live in a Garbage Truck.
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Won Park here, There has been an email going around the internet and it says that I live in a Garbage Truck that has been converted in to an RV.

I find it very funny because I live in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I have a one bedroom Apt. I wish I could travel around in a RV and not pay rent. That would be fun.

Won Park
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Aloha from the Big Island, I recieved an email with a fantastic story and was inspired to write a poem about you.  Before posting the poem on my poetry site thought I would google your name and was very glad to find out the truth.  I was disappointed that the garbage truck was a lie but thank God you are truly an awesome Origami Artist.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with the world.


Won Park is a master artist
In the art of Origami
Once you see his creations
I think you'll totally agree

He's not a fugal penny pincher
Just watch him stretch a greenback dollar
As his fingers bends, twists and folds it
If it could talk you'd hear it holler

In just a very few minutes
With a fold and crease
A spider, crab or rabbit
It's a masterpiece

He often leaves a tip
Imagine the response
Finding a special gift
Left with nonchalance

The house of this artist
Is in a garbage truck
A custom designed home
Not filled with smelly muck

Every detail is perfect
So tidy, neat and clean
It would make any woman
Feel like a royal queen
I googled in his name
And much to my surprise
Found there's no garbage truck
That it is a pack of lies

Won Park lives in Honolulu
A commercial artist by trade
He does fold great Origami
Just like I honestly portrayed

by GingerWeaver

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This page is a Fan Page for Won Park, who is an origami artist that provided a new concept. I'm very sure that you will be very impressed as me...

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Its-WolfehHobbyist Photographer
I just got this email today. I remember seeing your origami on Deviant Art before and was angered that someone would make up such rubbish. I set the record straight though, letting them know it was not real.
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Might I suggest you contact Snopes.com and set the record straight.This urban legend could haunt you the rest of your life. It is the first place i checked to see if this woas true but there is no mention of anything to the contrary. It may not clear it up but it would give you a foot in the door.

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dhawktxProfessional General Artist
You need to charge them for using you as an advertising ploy - their whole motive was to get people to look at their trucks.
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I don't believe the UNICAT company produced this email. People with too much time on their hands put this type of nonsense out there constantly. If UNICAT had wanted to advertise they would have put their name on the photos or in the email. They certainly would not have referred to their $600k+ vehicle as a converted garbage truck!
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Well, I got the email that included photos of the garbage truck to, and decided to do some investigating and wound up here. Good thing I did before i passed it on to someone else. I will only pass on the origami photos. We all might as well start folding our money, we can't afford to spend it or saeve it.
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Its-WolfehHobbyist Photographer
Actually, it would be great if you still passed it on, but include information that it is NOT REAL, along with a link to this artist and this journal entry. If this is done enough, maybe the chain will end.
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It's incredible but thanks to this spam i've the opportunitie to know your marvelous work... i'm an origami entusiathic (just a begginer). Are this origami's designs yours? In the koi fish, it's incredible how you manage to put the exactly portion of the bill that look like an eye in the fish eye's position... How do you plan this in advance?

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LiliummHobbyist Digital Artist
Haaa I just got that forward from my mother. I will be pleased to inform her that the email is fake and to tell her to STOP FORWARDING STUFF to me. "mothers..." :no:
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Hi Won, I am holding a fishing benefit for a little girl with cancer on Nov 13th 2010 and was wondering if you could possibly make some of the fish foldings to be auctioned off at the event? Please visit my website and contact me through the "contact us" link if you are up for it. It would mean a lot and really help. Bella, the little girl with cancer is only 3 years old and her insurance doesn't cover the special program for Neuroblastoma cancer, so we held a benefit last year and now this year to raise money to help her. Thanks


I will, of course, give you full credit at the benefit and on my site. Thanks
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Thats kinda extremely amusing
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There must be thousands of people that gasp in amazement when they first see your work. (I know I did!) It is almost unbelievable! You have changed the way so many people see money.

I understand it isn't true, but if you DID ever live in a converted garbage truck... that was the coolest garbage truck I have ever seen.

I am a big fan of yours and tell people about your website often. I am going to try a 3rd attempt on your dollar koi. Thank you for sharing the diagrams online. I have wanted to fold one for a very long time! I was drawn in by its eyes, and scales (and the word "complex"). It is a wonderful challenge for me and a step of encouragement/ inspiration that pushes me to continue to strive for more through folding. I'm sure I will fold many more to try to get it just right. I've so much to learn.

I love your work. You are truly a modern day origami master. Thank you for what you have contributed to the (quickly evolving) origami world today. I look forward to seeing what you fold next! I really like your 2 dollar race car.... oh- they are ALL masterpieces!!!!

(grasshopper bows to sensei)
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FallingDarkHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ha! An old friend of mine just sent me that email! I told her that the koi was one of my very first favorites!
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HAhaha that is so random!
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apfhexHobbyist Photographer
Heh, I just got that email from my mom. I've had One Dollar Koi in my favorites for a long time and instantly knew it was false. It's funny that someone went and made up this information, I wonder why?
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That garbage truck in particular looks like a pretty cool place to live. I mean it sucks that people say you live in a garbage truck. But as you said, living rent free in that garbage truck would actually be pretty good.
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msnittaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I got that e-mail and I knew I had seen the origami here on DeviantART from the Daily Deviation. I've been telling people who got it that that thing about the RV wasn't right.
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yeah i've just got that email! lol dunno where that rumour came from but they had pictures of your work- amazing!
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WELL ... for whom does the Garbage truck provide abobe'ment?

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Wonderworks Traditional Artist
You would be my hero if you actually lived in a converted garbage truck. That'd be hardcore, man.
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haha, I just got the email! But I responded back and said that wasn't true and posted your link here so they could see for themselves.
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