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Two Dollar Spider

All my works are original designs.

They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.
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        HeartLoveAMAZING Craftsmanship! Heart Thanks for Sharing Your Gallery & Allowing Us to Fave+favYour Works! Heart 'HOOOOAAAH!' ClapClapClapI salute you!I salute you!I salute you!LoveHeart
That is so very awesome! One of tha coolest things I've ever seen.
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were is a tutorial for these ?
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wow thats amazing!!!
this is awesome I have your book with the KOI fish and its amazing!!
would like to know if maybe you would be able to tell me if maybe
there's another book that contains diagrams for the star war series
especially the YODA diagram as well as the above one 2 DOLLAR SPIDER.

Would be great, Im a huge fan. Thanx
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Thank you for your support.
I'm sorry but there will be no book on the Star Wars or Star Trek models because Lucasfilms and Paramount pictures won't give me permission to use them.

Also the Yoda is not my design.

I am currently working on a new book that will come out next year. It will feature the Spider in it along with 19 other models.
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this one is amazing...
u r so talented !!
how did u fold that ?? i want to learn it !
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This Kicks Ass!
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You've been featured in an article called "Creation Creation: Arts & Crafts Feature"! [link]
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You are a one dollar paper god!
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Amazing! I cannot imagine how to do that!
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do you have a diagram for this one? it's my second favourite (my first is the koi, wich one I already have the diagram).
I'd love to try to do that
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Ooh! Can you post a diagram?
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i'll give you 2 dolars for that spider. jk
Incredible, just incredible ...
0.o Moar directions? Pleze?
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Wow... Not only does this look incredibly detailed and difficult to make, you designed it yourself? That's absolutely amazing!
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hey, do you keep it after ?
how do you have all this imagination ?
Your works are awesome !
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how many notes did you use here?
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I'm guessing two...since it's called the "two dollar spider"

So much talent...I wonder what made him start making these. LOL
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omg i'm ashamed now XD i just didn't look at the title...

this really is amazing... now all those simple origami things don't empress me as they use to.. :D
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