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Two Dollar Formula 1 Racecar

Formula 1 racecar made with 2 one dollar bills.

About one month in the making of this piece. It was very technical.

I am very pleased with the outcome.

hope you guys like it.

Won Park
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      HeartLoveAMAZING Craftsmanship! Heart Thanks for Sharing Your Gallery & Allowing Us to Fave+favYour Works! Heart 'HOOOOAAAH!' ClapClapClapI salute you!I salute you!I salute you!LoveHeart
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Hello there, any chance to get CP of this??) My colleague, big F-1 fan, asked me to design Ferrari F2008 and sent this picture as an example, so I'd like to get some xp folding your thing first)
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:O This is possibly one of the most mindblowingly awesome things I've ever seen.
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Damn... Thats cool dude.
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most impresive!! Its hard to belive that it is made with only 2 bills. I mean how do you get the wheels in with only bills?
Won, I hope this makes it into your new book! It is another of your amazing designs!
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nice work!

I hope you don't mind me posting your works in my site. thanks!

Do you have the instructions for these?
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Do you ever pay for things with these??
teach us how to make an ornate love heart or a rose. that would be the most awesome pickup.. leave the waitress a nice tip haha!
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question. Dose anyone loooooooooooooooove origami? If yes or no post your answer on this web site.
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hey won park can u tell me where i can find out how to make this
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dude~~~~you got waaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands =P
very very very nice, can I have the instructions please??
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OMFG that's so legit, insta fav XD
What in the world! When are you gonna publish a book? I know you're working on now but, are you going to include diagrams for the models that will be featured in your book? I have been wanting to make the scorpion and this race car. You do an amazing job and have a lot of followers. Thanks!
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You should sell these for $2 haha.
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great !!!!!! amazing
Absolutely Amazing! Please tell me where to buy your work. I am really interested in your Enterprise and a couple of others. Thanks for sharing.
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