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Two Dollar Enterprise

All my works are original designs.

They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.
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OMG, that is so cool!
Milarca's avatar
Oh my god that's amazing :lol:
eddievhfan1984's avatar
Ah, the illogicity of a 2-dollar starship. Kudos, bro.
nieera-of-the-shadow's avatar
OMG my geekness is having a party with this!!
Mcbutt3r's avatar
How did you do eet? I wanna make one for a Trekkie friend! D8
Mew14's avatar
Tutorial? my uncle absolutely LOVE startrek and I would like to make this for him..
that SI awesome by the way .... fave!
SymphKat's avatar
Holy crap! So insanely awesome!
therocker390's avatar
omg my dad loves star trek nice job dude
keep rockin till you cant rock no more :headbang:
Brave-Toastless-Loki's avatar
Armadria's avatar
oh wow. That is just too awesome. XDD Must have had fun designing this one.
Katillo's avatar
You are wizard! o.O
Kitten-of-Woe's avatar
I have featured your deviation in the news article July 4th Feature from the Artisan Crafts Gallery.
DracoEXP's avatar
i can actually see how you did this one. if i'm right can you tell me how to do the dragon one. i would die to have it
orudorumagi11's avatar
That's great, Unfortunately I don't have the dragon diagrammed yet. So couldn't teach you how to make it.
DracoEXP's avatar
i dont need a diagram just a discription if you please. i'm good enough to pice it together from a discription. ike step to step. if you do thatg i coud make a guide For you. thats if i figure it out lol. i was best in my class about geomatry so i think i could. i just dont have a 3d view of the dragon
DracoEXP's avatar
and ill show you the dragon design i learned out of square paper. i know its nothing ike a dolor but maybe you could make a dolor verson out of it. ill pvt message you the link
aquastar's avatar
Wow, this is really awesome. Creative too, coming up with the design for that ship. :D

I don't suppose you have a guide that instructs people how to create a little two dollar Enterprise of their own, do you?
Diana-Huang's avatar
OMG! I have that exact toy where you got that stand from! So cool!
blizatrex's avatar
greatest value I've seen for a couple o bucks ;)
Robert-PJ's avatar
:wow: I am also a Star trek fan so ... what the hell you can made the whole world wirh one dolar:D :clap: :sun:
HabitualFlippancy's avatar
The work is beautiful, but I just can't stop giggling at the title "Two Dollar Enterprise" for some reason. Great job!
SpiritoftheAshTrees's avatar
Oh so cool! Go Trekkies!
LopezTheHeavy321's avatar
o.....m........g........ my inner trekie just fainted......... i wish i had that kind of talent... extremely impressive. now im gonna go take my inner trekie to sick bay.
tomato1991's avatar
you have to teach me some of these crazy creations of yours. or you could just publish them. that would be AWSOME.
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