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Two Dollar Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon made with two dollar bills.

All my works are original designs.

They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.

This Dragon is made with two one dollar bills.
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I love this. Just like on what the Chinese Dragon is mostly about. Wealth and Good Fortune.
Cool I like this and love all your origami work.
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Two bucks is now equivalent to a million.
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I love origami, how easy is it to learn?
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Remarkable work! :)
What else is there to say
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I have your book and I've made the spider, tank, butterfly, and turtle! Your designs are truly inspirational and is one of my reasons as to why I hold such a strong passion for the art of origami.

Do you have a youtube account so I could watch how to make the dragon and other models? Some folds in the book don't offer enough detail and it's hard for me to complete or understand the step needed for me to complete the model. One example is when I tried to make the Fighter Jet. I didn't understand the steps 25 and 34-38.
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it looks almost impossible but it isnt o-o
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do you can make a dollar bill intoa dragon with wings?
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Lol, if you sold these, how much would you charge? (because you and I both know this is worth WAY MORE than $1 US Dollar).
Sharing is caring! Kudos ;)
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Do you have a tutorial for this? It looks amazing!
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totally cool! Love the claws' details!
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how do you get the ideas to make these?
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can u do a tutorial please?
clock-uppers's avatar

nice to seee
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i would love to learn how to do this to leave as a tip at my favorite sushi bar
Yawges's avatar
I've done that before to a waiter at a restaurant with the tank! XD
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