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Two Dollar Battle Tank

Like the title says, this tank is made with two dollars.

All my works are original designs.

They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.
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Wonderfully done! I like this one as much as the war plane, but would still prefer a drone!
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Damn. That's just awesome o.o
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This would shoot if someone tries to steal it!
Baryonyx62's avatar
Awesome! Are the turret and the hull one piece or two?
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This is great how long did it take you to create the design
678091's avatar
Origami crafting lvl: God!!!
Ew-boi's avatar
Waste, I say!
Overtall98's avatar
AWESOME :D, can we possibly get instructions for the is :D
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Lol It kind of looks like a Bat Challion 25t.
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That's really good :)
BubsConcessionStand's avatar
You seriously need to make tutorials for these things. They're awesome!
JHPark's avatar
where did you get this all information
JHPark's avatar
teach me~~~~~~~~~`
JHPark's avatar
can you teach me how to make
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Now THIS is awesome!
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this should save the government's military budget alot of money
Incredible work. It looks like the Israeli Merkava tank
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AH HA HAH I can mow afford an army of tanks to destroy the enemies because each tank is only two dollars!

oh wait its made of two dollars? NNNOOOOOo were going to get owned!
how did you make this tank ? :o can you send instructions ?
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