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April 17, 2008
One dollar koi_new ver. side by *orudorumagi11 If this isn't a true money shot, I don't know what is. Be amazed, be impressed and be supportive of this crafty artist! wow. This is ONE one dollar bill, by the way....
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One dollar koi_new ver. side

This is the side view of the new Koi fish. Notice the rounder head and more defined pectoral fins.

All my works are original designs.

They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.

In response to everyone's curiousity, the Koi fish is made with only one dollar.
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Very complicated but im sure worthy

Your oregami are absolutely amazing. Incredible use of the printing to get refined detail!

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Yo!!!!! Your image is amazing We print frame and ship art, With a deal to pay on commission

Do you want to work together? email info is



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brilliant! :clap:

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Brilliant. Great work.

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a capitalists origami 
what a dream
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finally money is worth something xD
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I used to make these all the time. They take forever with all the little folds. I used to have it memorized, but I don't know anymore.

This is the Good Fortune Koi. It only appears every 10,000 koi. No action is required. Just thank them and you will be blessed with a small, but very helpful, amount of cash.

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omg its like a real one :D
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   HeartLoveAn Amazing Beautifully folded dollar bill, turned into a Koi fish! Heart Thank You for Your Generosity in Blessing Us with copies of Your Works. 'HOOOAAH!'LoveHeart 
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I would really like to learn how to make this little guy.

Truly amazing. Beautifully done.
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super but it's legal?
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an expensive origami
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Jeez, that's rich! really beautiful!
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please :3
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Wow that's so cool
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I love this! You did it so well...he even has eyes from the designs in the cool.
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