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One Dollar Turkey

Hello everyone,

It's been awhile since I last uploaded some work.

I made this Turkey as a part of an ad. for the Safety Net Foundation.

It is a non profit that collects donations
from the public and then uses that money to help those in need(by providing money food, shelter, clothing, transportation to doctors appointments, etc.)

I will be making some more models relating to above topic.


Won Park
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I always feel this one is so funny! =D Thank You!
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You should have taken some shredded money from a bank and made the little heat/smell lines above this. That would have made my day. Nonetheless still an awesome work of art.
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It's kinda cute! :D
Great job, I am so mpressed by your work.
Epic-Ninja's avatar
I meant impressed.
thx4everything's avatar
I thought there might be a common theme between the doctor's syringe and this turkey. I looked at both and thought, "God, I wish!" XD; Hope the campaign helps grab some attention!
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munch munch munch munch
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i like your 1$ origami ! in your country is not illegal to do that to the national bank bills? in my country is illegal to destroy the bank bills or to use them in other pourpose.

(sorry 4 my enghlish!)
orudorumagi11's avatar
As long as do not destroy the bill it is fine. I never cut the bills, I only fold them.
EvieLevens's avatar
Great concept!
ninja-kyoko's avatar
haha lol... its so cute! well done as usual!!
Lil-Tenshi's avatar
Ha that's sweet...My brother recently got a new DS game called Brainage and it mentioned that origami and making up shapes from your brain really helps stimulate it so you must be VERY smart! >D Lol
JimField's avatar
Turn it upside down and you got yourself a Half Life 2 Head Crab :lol:
windinthetrees's avatar
Not what I was expecting either. Am I invited for dinner? Yum. I'll take some dark meat.
SrahCzrs's avatar
I'll take a leg! :3
Troopic's avatar
love the "in god we trust" showing on the back of the turkey.... ;)
dynopunk's avatar
Awesome...As usual!
itsmejennxxk's avatar
haha wow! i thought you meant like... a live turkey lol not the already cooked variety XDD
oh well =)
anyway, it has been awhile! so you should post more often :P
Child-of-God's avatar
lol. That's cute. :D
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