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One Dollar Stegasaurus

All my works are original designs.

They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.
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:dance:  Another fav critter of mine!  Bravo!
can you please tell me where to find instructions on how to make this!?
He has two books out, Extreme Origami and Dollar Origami. They are great books and easy to follow.
your work is nothing short of stunning
eel-feel-ill's avatar
I wish I had one, but I would be horrendously torn by saving it in mint condition forever or spending it.
MiQxNoiR's avatar
I think those spines add a touch of added coolness to the already cool. :giggle: very cute too.
johni-johni's avatar
YEah nice job , but can y make q T-rex :P ;)
dinolove202's avatar
i love dino's i wish i had that one
nice jod
DragonTamer2000's avatar
How on Earth did you MAKE THAT?!
kyo943's avatar
... this one look like its fabric but i do believe you !! great work
MercuryInk's avatar
Stegas are my favorite dinosaurs!! Very amazing ^ ^
orudorumagi11's avatar
LOL.... Sorry but it really is just one folded dollar.
oXVirgoXo's avatar
sorry, it's just, unbelieveable!! wowza!
Rebbe-Dragon's avatar
Wow, that looks so complex. The spines look really cool, but really difficult to make.
AFreeQuark's avatar
This is really neat! Thanks!
Carolyns-Mewmix's avatar
That is so insanely awesome. -in awe-
xXZuriMoonXx's avatar
eeeeeee my favourite dino!!
star-love's avatar
Oh god. What is it size? o.o I just cant belive it....
orudorumagi11's avatar
About 2 inches long and 1 inch high.
star-love's avatar
Whoa... Thats... tiny xDD
Soulfighter's avatar
all those little folds... you're so creative!
LuLu-101's avatar
do u pull them out after?
or are u just rich like that:)
orudorumagi11's avatar
They do come in handy when I'm broke.
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