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One Dollar Stag Beetle

All my works are original designs.

They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.
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      HeartLoveAMAZING Craftsmanship! Heart Thanks for Sharing Your Gallery & Allowing Us to Fave+favYour Works! Heart 'HOOOOAAAH!' ClapClapClapI salute you!I salute you!I salute you!LoveHeart
how do you do that
This is awesome. Is there any chance you would let a musician make a deal to have this as an album cover?
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great, but i'm still missing a leg there.
Is it possible to get directions for making the beetle?
You should publish a book!
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Amazing talent you have there. I favorited this because I love the Transformer Shrapnel who turns into a Stag Beetle.
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i would gladly pay for one of these D:D
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you're skills are freaky! yeah!..
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SO worth more than 1$.
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man you are crazy....
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You are so talented!!
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is there a way you could make a how to for some of yours im really interested these are awesome
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Dude, that is amazing!
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Wow. Talk about talent
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Amazing skill you have there.
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