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One Dollar Eagle

All my works are original designs.

They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.

Photo taken by: Andrew Hans
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        HeartLoveAMAZING Craftsmanship! Heart Thanks for Sharing Your Gallery & Allowing Us to Fave+favYour Works! Heart 'HOOOOAAAH!' ClapClapClapI salute you!I salute you!I salute you!LoveHeart
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Oh wow... Thats something to do with your paycheck I guess..
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This is too symbolic for me. An american eagle on an american dollar. /implode/
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the wings! they are so spot on! with the quality an eagles wings take when the pressure of air interacts with them during flight... its amazing!
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wow very nice... hell of a lot better than the one I made...
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i know you get this alot but have you ever talked to a publisher about selling these in a book? if i may ask what do you do for a job now?
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Sorry for the late reply,

I own my own liquor store.
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good for you dude, makeing money and taking care of bussness
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its what im worth... a looney that is all pound 4 pound im nothingness
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The wings look really nice.
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Nice! I love how the wings and beak are folded to give it the perfect look.
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Absolutely spectacular! I like :iconnuustik:'s wavelength, above.
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Money finally used for good.
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Hah, I just came to a thought, that if you would sell ´em, then like, costumors would buy 1$ for 50$ or what ever their price would be D

Nicely done!
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