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One Dollar Double Cranes

All my works are original designs.

They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.
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I found one of these in my school the other week.. I was baffled about how such a thing could be accomplished. How curious to come across the same thing online ^^
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you're work has been featured here: [link]
wow good job !! can you do a tutorial ?
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it looks like you used a waterbomb base to attach them without the cuts
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I also know how to fold a double crane, but doesn't require a little cut between the two squares.
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This is amazing... I was going to try it out but the link you gave didn't work.
Is it somewhere else now?
orudorumagi11's avatar
I think the site that used to host the diagrams is down now. let me go look for it.
I'll let you know if I find it.
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Thank you !! =)
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whats the step in order to make the dollar bill into two parts? only way i can make connected cranes are by ripping paper.
oh! but i did make four connected by teh wings in a circle. i have to up that picture up here sometime
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heh together till the end :3
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Wow. I can barely make a single crane. This is so cool!
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aww!! that would be the cutest gift for someone you love >~< heh yea i'm sentimental like that...
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I went through your gallery and added as a favorite..oh, about everything. You're brilliant!
deadboyspoem's avatar
Wow. How tiny is this in real life?
orudorumagi11's avatar
It's about two inches long.
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That's pretty amazing. Your other artwork is really cool as well ^.^ Loving the sharks.
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oh wow, i fold a lot of cranes and i would love to learn how to do THAT, very cool :clap:
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The diagrams are available at: [link]
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thank you very much! all of your designs are so beautiful :)
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oh, cool. Never thought of that! :heart:
HersheysRocks's avatar
O.o the dollar looks rather leathery...
HersheysRocks's avatar
O.o the dollar looks rather leathery....
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