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One Dollar Butterfly

Here is a better picture of my butterfly.

This butterfly is about two inches wide from wingtip to wingtip
and is made from only one dollar.

All my works are original designs.

They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape.
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this is awesome looking i love it amazing job

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Do you have any tutorials?
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I want diagram! NOW! XD
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And i got all excited that i might be able to make some of these. v_v
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tutorial? o.o
stumbled uponn(:
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There's probably not a set of instructions you put somewhere is there? I'd love to learn how to do this.
how did you make this its amazing!!!
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That really cool, may I ask how you did that?
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I have no doubt that you have been asked this before, but would you happen to have instructions for this?
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Yes I do, my friend and mentor John Montroll has that design and two more of my designs in his book.
The book is called "Dollar bill Origami"

You can buy one here:

Or your local book store if the have it in stock.
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I don't suppose toilet would be in there as well, would it?
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Sorry, no it is not.

The other two models are, Eagle and Dragonfly.
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I've no doubt that you hear this a lot, but you should offer instructions for your art... Although, I understand how much of a pain that would be.
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.. I love it!:heart:
If you don't watch out, your dollar will fly away :butterfly:
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Tht must be the butterfly tht come out your wallet , screaming" I'm free, free!!"
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This is amazing! Do you makes these for the fun of it, for friends, or sell them?
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I sell them too.
The Butterfly cost $20.00 to make one for you.
Would you like to have one for yourself?
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I'm currently broke... I quit my job almost three-years-ago, do to a family emergency. Since then, I've been living with my parents.... My Mom somtimes gives me money as a thank you, it kind of makes me feel like a mooch. I think I've got about $10.00. The next time one of my parents does that, I'll get a hold of you... I know my sister would love one of you butterfies, so if all gos well, then I could buy it as a birthdy gift for her...If it takes me a while to get back to you, don't worry, because my Mom usually gives me $10-$20, once a month for the help I give.... Sorry about the rambling! :)
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your very creative, its looks amazing!
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Thays really pretty! :butterfly::butterflytwo:
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Wow its beutiful!
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