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New pics. Dollar Scorpion

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Made with one dollar.

New pictures of the scorpion.

This is a new scorpion that I made so I can get some better pictures.

All my works are original designs.
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How cute!!! ^^
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Just wow. I couldn't work that small with my unsteady hands.
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veritageHobbyist Interface Designer
your style of art is very beautiful:D
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kittyface27Hobbyist Digital Artist
hate to be the cashier unfolding that
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ArtsyShanStudent Artisan Crafter
must show me...please ^^
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This model is in my book, "Dollar Origami" by Won Park
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very cool! I try to leave origami butterflies (and such) for tips at a restaurant. Are you willing to give directions on how you build these?
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Deviant-SmurfHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is badass! Definitely the best scorpion I've seen.
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WOW. Have you diagram "step by step" for that?
alexthecactus's avatar
HOW?! that is amazing.
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i want a tutorial!!!!!^^
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this is beyond amazing!!! can you develop a tutorial for this? I so want to make this! =)
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Can you teach me how to fold this?
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TarantuladyHobbyist Artist
You should consider doing a book. Could probably make lots of money.
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awesome...was it hard to make?
Kazekage-Gaara-666's avatar
That is totally BAD ASS.. How long did it take to come up with the design and folding?
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I would so pay with those just to see the clerk's reaction!
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cool, kill theem b4 they keel u. eee heheheheheeee
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haha you can sell these for like 2 dollars and the make 2, selling for four dollars the 8,16,32,64,128,ect haha but then again time consuming....oh well i still want one!
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Dakuu75 Digital Artist
Dude, that is so awesome, lmao! You don't completely come up with these on your own do you... like, you're probably following step-by-step instruction somewhere on how to fold a dollar into this, right?
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Nope, there are my originals
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shinjiyahaProfessional Digital Artist
teach me please~
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Dude! You got some SICK origami skills!!
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GitchgitchHobbyist Interface Designer
arghhh AMAZING!! stunned me
would you please teach me how to make it?
did U cut that dollar? is it from a single dollar?
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