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Euro Eiffel Tower

Hey there,

Here is something a little different. My agent wanted me to make something for the European market.

I wanted to make something very iconic from Europe.

The Tower is made made using 3 Five Euro notes.

Hopefully this may get me a book deal using the Euro notes.
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Can u tell me how to make it?
:happybounce: :happybounce: 
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May i ask you how did you do something that awesome! I just might be able to do it myself......
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Cool I would like the see more of this can you make things with the 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euro notes to
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that i totally wicked!
Awesome ! Can we buy it or get a model ?
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your whole gallery is amazing but I'm faving this one since it's symbolic for europe as a countr and for its architecture and technological development.

your creativity and skills are stunning. what I enjoy the most is that you not only use the notes as a paper material, but also you use their graphic. keep amazing us!!
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I was wondering how you had negative space but hen realized that it is more than one bill. Well done.
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Wow, this is REALLY cool.
Best of wishes :)! Keep up the good job! xD
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Beautyyy haha
If I send you a 5 Euro note you should make one for me ;)
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je l'aime!
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how did you do that??
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I do so envy your talent. But in a good way! :)
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thats soo good, i would buy your book
and i don't have any euros
[in awe]
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you did this and thought of it your self?

youare so creative.

how long did it take to develop this? etc
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wow this is very incredible!
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Why just french things?
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This is just the first in a series of monuments and animals from different countries in Europe.
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ok ^^

I just thought about what you tought about to do about sweden, I cannt think of anything that would be too hard to make with origami...
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with only 3 notes..that's amazing and i like the placement of that tiney star in the midel..looks great :D
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Getting more prestigious I see.
Nice work.
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