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Euro 'Cockerel' Rooster

Hey there,

Here is something a little different. My agent wanted me to make something for the European market.

This is France's national Bird

The Rooster is made using 1 ten Euro note.

Hopefully this may get me a book deal using the Euro notes.
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Vive la France!! Merci pour ton travail <3 Tu l'a surement eu ton contrat ^^
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I love all of these!
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wow, how cool can something be?? do you come from europe??? i come from holland...
well, please do mort origami thingies with euro`s!!
did you make it with an diagram????
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Very cool man you're a really master[link]
Amazing!! With skill like this your phenomenal work will become international.
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um, how do you not inhale your work? haha just kidding. your rooster is amazing! i can't get any of my two-legged pieces to stand upright
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G*dDAMN, that is nice. ;_;
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i'm european P:
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I love the idea of using other currency! I look forward to seeing more of them.
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Le Coq Gaulois!

Very nice.
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vey cool - I hope you get the book deal and lots of Euros
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oooo the little feet. So awesome
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this is so cute! good luck :)
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so detailed, and i hope it goes well!
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I think Portugal's national bird is also a chicken.
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its true. it also is portugal's national bird. i didn't know it was france's bird too :o
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Who knew a chicken would be so popular?
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It's been a whle since you've updated.
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