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Dollar Crab

Made with one dollar.

This is a revised version of a crab that i made a couple of years back. This new version has more defined claws.

All my works are original designs.
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mr. krabs became pure money
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Mr.Krabs what happened?!
The instructions in the Won Park book completely elude me at step 14-15.  Can someone explain how to get the legs to be narrow?
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I can follow the directions up to #12 but then get lost. I think I get 13 and 14 but number 15 stops me. Any site or place to get something clearer?
Wait.. Where is the instructions?!
Trying to get the instructions to make this for my girlfriends birthday I wanted to make a bunch of them. Her nickname is crabby not cause she is crabby but she likes to side steps things ha ha.can anyone help me out her Birthday is on Dec 4 th
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how long does it take to make these
I am impressed. you must have small fingers...
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that would be mr. krabb's children
wow it looks so delicious.but i think its too small,no meat!!
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u just made the 1 dollar bill value worth so much more!!!! >.<
I love the crab :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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he is so cute :meow:
u gotta tell me how :o
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Looks like the crab is going to take the quarter back to the ocean.
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Good stuff, you did a really great job with this one :)
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That is so cool.:) I submitted a request to you to allow it in my group pictures.:)
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teach me master!!
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Omg it's so cute! I want one! XD
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it. is. beautiful.

I bow to your prowess.
Very cool looks like it took fuckin for ever but still quite bad ass. Just think rippin a dollar makes it a little more difficult to use.
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