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Dollar Construction Machine

Made with two one dollar bills.

My friend asked me to make him a "Crane" so I made this thinking that it would be funny. He told me that not only did I not make the "Crane"(the bird) he wanted, but I didn't even make a construction crane. I later found out this is in fact a construction shovel or back hoe or something like that.

Well anyways, here is my little "Crane"

All my works are original designs.
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Is there any way you'd give (or sell) detailed instructions on how to make this one?  
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so much patience though...
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the excavator in the world
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LOL the description... XD
Still, regardless of not being any sort of crane, this is awesome!
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so cool! haha, best origami crane EVER!
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I'm liking the joke. =)
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I noticed that there are many square folds (creases rather). Is this to help with the construction or is for the aesthetic suggestion of metal?

You have phenominal talent and Well Done!
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Awww, poor you XDD Oh well, I'm sure they got the message.
You could like fit that quarter in there. Be the awesomest little piggy bank ever.
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haha wow you really can make anything can't you? =D
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it truely eludes me how you can make an origami design yourself, you are seriously good =P

do you study other peoples designs to learn ways that certain folds will achieve particular goals and work from there?

or is it simply a gift bestowed upon you by a sacred monk?

I'm very curious in this, and I'm wondering... Are you folding whole dollar bills, or tearing them in certain angels to fit the small structures?
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whole dollars, I never tear or cut the bills.
Wow. Totally amazing...
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you are CRAZY MAN :D :D :D
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woah, that's kool
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you can make a "karate kid" crane next time
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It's good to see that some amazingly talented people still have a sence of humor. While it's not the most detailed or elaborate peice you've done, the story behind it assures me that you're not likely to let sucess get to your head. =)
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Ahahaha. Clever. I seriously love your work. =)
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omg, so freaking kewl!!!
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cool nice stuff
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Hehehe, well back hoes look better than construction cranes...
The picture with the quarter, the sculpture is blurry, yet the quarter is sharp... I'm not sure how, but I suggest you try and adjust the camera to focus on the sculpture.
BTW, I love it!
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