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10 pound UK English Bulldog

English bulldog made for " Wired" magazine in the UK.
It was featured in the DEC. 09 issue.

"Wired" had a small article about my work in the magazine.
They sent me a 10 pound note and asked me to make them something.
So I made them an English Bulldog.

I know it's a little late to post this, but I finally got around to it.
Better late then never right?

The photo was taken by "Wired" magazine
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The face is amazing! You really captured the up turned lower jaw as well as the ears and the bow legged stance. Absolutely stunning.
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OMG you are amazing!!!! but u don't need me to tell u that!
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That's a really awesome design!
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very nice work but also very funny
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I really like your foreign currency origami. Though I live in the UK, I think the ones you've done with brightly coloured notes are particularly interesting. UK/US money isn't especially nice to look at, but some of the others are really quite striking.

That said, seeing a note I'm familiar with makes the scale a lot easier to grasp. I notice that you often fold these so details on the money end up in significant places on the finished item, but I'd never even noticed that there were shells on ten pound notes. I had a look, and sure enough, there they are: a little line of them in the bottom left corner. Based on the size of that detail, I'd guess that the whole bulldog must be only around an inch high! Knowing that, the fiddly detail around the face seems even more impressive.
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Thank you for your thoughtful comment.
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I am constantly amazed by your work. I have no idea how you do it... but keep it up, it's outstanding!
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Hehe, all it takes to commission you is ten pounds? ;P
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