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so i'm gonna be posting some pixels over at pixeljoint from now on i guess
aghfl apparently KeyszerS gave me 12 month premium membership ???? what do I even do with that. what
ok let's see all the cool new features yes

but yeah thanks much
so I made a thing…
So now I have an [online portfolio]. GO HIRE ME PLZ I NEED AN INTERNSHIP SOMEWHERE

also just your daily reminder that [Nested] is still awesome
So I made this : [Nested, a simulation of everything]
hey Internet

so I randomly decided I'm pretty excited about living in the future

Just started a new blog. It's about nature and computers and stuff. Feel free to call me a treehugger.
Oh hey, new avatar.

:iconorteil: Do you like it ?

and maybe I'll post a picture of Steve, my fluffy alpaca.
He's Steve the cloud~
  • Listening to: alpacas
  • Reading: alpacas
  • Watching: alpacas
  • Playing: alpacas
  • Eating: not alpacas
  • Drinking: with my alpaca