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A whole lot of RPG items

A bunch of generic items for use in RPGs and stuff. The blue highlights might be a bit heavy-handed.

If you want to reuse this in your projects, please credit me !
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© 2013 - 2022 Orteil
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hi! im gonna use your art! thank you again so much! i will credit u in my twitch so people can contact you! thank you <3

Can I use this in my mobile rpg game commercially? How to credit you?

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I can see these in an actual game, so you did a pretty good job!
can I use this in a rmvxa project commericially?
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I would like to use them for my Minecraft resource pack. Would that be okay?
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SO close to fitting in a 32x32 grid cell. Still awesome though!!
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This is brilliant!
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add them to cookie clicker?
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I see cookies in there. ;)
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Orteil, I shall credit you for the cookie clicker resource pack.
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Nice. Just nice. rein de plus.
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I am going to use these in a mine craft texture pack, if it looks good I will post the link here.
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These put mine to shame. nice job!:D
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:D You could make a Minecraft Texture pack out of all these items
Salut, est-il possible d'utiliser cette feuille de sprite dans un projet commercial ( sans oublier le credit bien sûr ) ?
Nice pixel art.
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You're pixel art is absolutely amazing... I'm working on a roguelike game similar to Terraria and the bane of my existence is getting nice looking items.
Staring at Cookie Clicker for a few days inspired me to take another crack at polishing some of the textures but still no luck.

I'm not going to use any of these as part of the game, because I want to have done it 100% myself, but I'm tempted to make an alternative texture pack out of some of these just to see how it looks. =P
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realy nice, this kinda pixelarts realy inspirates me. thnx c:
and now i go back to my other tab, because i got some cookies to click >:3

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They look so cute! I wonder how many of the weapons have names, though. :3
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You should use these for the dungeons in Cookie Clicker.;)
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It makes me want to make an RPG just so I can put them in!
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