Town Haul December 2018 Minutes
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Here is why you are seeing this journal months after the meeting:

The person who volunteered to write the minutes got buried in college work and important real life concerns. After months of no progress, I asked them to let me take over and they agreed.

With that out of the way, here are the minutes.

Recording can be found here.

Town Haul December 2018 Minutes

Community Topics
  • DeviantART Eclipse: The changes being pushed by Eclipse seeks to remove not only widgets but groups as well. After some debate, we feel that Pixiv or Proboards would be a good platform to move to.
  • The State of Extended Discussion: This discord channel was made originally to be an extension of the town hauls, where people brought up community concerns. It doesn't see that kind of use, instead it gets used for real world political debates. Instead of removing it entirely as it is a well established room, we plan to implement a community channel for issues pertaining to the walfas community.
  • Inactive Member Pruning: Every six months of inactivity, there is a grace period of communication, after which if there's no answer, then removal. Removals of this nature do not count as a ban. Quite a few inactive members were removed with the chance to return at any time to the discord should they want to.
  • Group Drama from Other Groups: We want no involvement in outside affairs, so we ask that you don't bring drama from other groups into ours and vise versa.
  • The Anti-Stalking Rule: In short, the Walfas Station Wagon will not be used as a means of contacting anyone who has blocked you.

The Project Announcements will not be included due to how late this came out. We apologize for the major delay overall.
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Wait I thought in March they said that groups will be on Devintart after the switch to Eclipse
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ORT451Hobbyist Artist
This is mainly a just in case type deal, if they will keep groups then alright but if they decide to screw everyone over anyways then we'll be prepared to move to another platform.
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Widen612Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ORT451Hobbyist Artist
Yes, the long delayed December 2018 Minutes.