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anniversary comic

By Orsonfoe
It is the 10 year anniversary of :iconpeterandcompany: web comic Peter and company. For the occasion I made a one page comic drawn 100% traditionally with brush pen ink well, prismacolor pens and a prismacolor black marker, on the comic pages you can get. I know there are some mistake but any criticism is welcome. Other then that Congrats to you John for the comic and hope it will be going for many more years to come. you can check out the come here

fox character and artwork to me :iconorsonfoe:
comic , character Peter, Seth, and Korgar to :iconpeterandcompany:
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Korgar pitties your pitiful attempt at art. I, however, Think it's a good start
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yup. need to brake out the comic pag again and see if i can do better after so much time has passed.
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It's pities, not pitys, by the way
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thanks i suck at catching spelling errors in my work.