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October 11, 2005
origami cobra by ~orsobrusco is a great example of what you can do WITH paper, not what you can do ON it! Full view!
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origami cobra

original model - one strip of paper - no cut - no glue - just folds ;)

Modello originale del sottoscritto, creato nel '98.
Questo in particolare è realizzato in carta "pelle d'elefante" modellato in wet-folding, foglio di partenza lungo circa due metri. La carta è stata colorata con spennellature di mordente per legno scuro e inchiostri.
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i would live to know how you do that .....this is juts incredibly  awesome  
ScarletKnightReterns's avatar
:squee: holly cow that just like amazing i want to make one now so cool and realistic
very good 
ravennyxrayn's avatar
This I like... 
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(L) incredible...
CombotheBeehen's avatar
Oddeo, è bellissimo, complimenti! D:
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I'm sure you get this a lot, but you are a *fantastic* artist of origami. Definitely going in my favorites. :)
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tutorial please? it would be really helpful.
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AMAZING This is awesome. Its just brilliant. looks awesome
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WOW. JUST WOW. You really have all my respect! This is just unbeliavble!
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Oh Snap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Radical origami style. Impressive! :)
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Wow ! Such a great work :)
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youre insane....
dinhapuffy's avatar
omg, how?
The Perfection..
vetje15's avatar
is there a tutorial for it?
ShadowsEternity's avatar
i bow to your mighty skill...
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I can't believe it!!! This is so awesome!
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AWESOME! I love it! :love:
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