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Rainbow Dash - Dude...what?

By Orschmann
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yeah uh...

dashie's got some questions, and you're gonna answer them. and yes i'm quite of a brony. (2% percent on the tests!)

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I wanna kill her so bad
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Can i use it please
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Bro, that's fucking rad.
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not sure if high
or just tired
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I like this, she also looks like she could be tired...because she looks like I feel XD
TheSonicGeek's avatar
Not sure if random or just pinkie.
GespenstKAF's avatar
I look exactly like this when I wake up in the morning...
...well, minus the rainbow hair, being female and a pony.
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Looks like somepony got into the hash brownies! :iconimhappyplz:
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I mean, have you ever, like, just... When you're... and then someone... And it makes you...

Yeah, man. Yeah.
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...and then she went back to bed with her partner and proceeded with her daily snooze-a-thon.
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