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Zerg Viper by PhillGonzo Zerg Viper :iconphillgonzo:PhillGonzo 446 45 Zerg Guardian by PhillGonzo Zerg Guardian :iconphillgonzo:PhillGonzo 164 60 Zerg encerclement by PhanouArt Zerg encerclement :iconphanouart:PhanouArt 112 7 U.S.S. WarDuck X #003 by Kurumi-Morishita U.S.S. WarDuck X #003 :iconkurumi-morishita:Kurumi-Morishita 31 9 High Price and Mighty Assistance by AL-Proto High Price and Mighty Assistance :iconal-proto:AL-Proto 6 0 Probe Ship by IanKeenanArts Probe Ship :iconiankeenanarts:IanKeenanArts 13 0 Borg Star by Adramalech Borg Star :iconadramalech:Adramalech 32 3 Borg Saber 02 by Adramalech Borg Saber 02 :iconadramalech:Adramalech 38 9 Shadowbane by JonasDeRo Shadowbane :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 10,695 362 MASK OFF by Y4UTJA MASK OFF :icony4utja:Y4UTJA 6 1 Predator - Yautja by pavee12120 Predator - Yautja :iconpavee12120:pavee12120 48 18
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Childhood: Adolescence: Adulthood: Relationships:
Parents: Siblings: Children: Relatives: Partner: Familiar: Mentors: Friends: Allies: Rivals: Enemies: Pets:
:icontherainbowoverlord:theRainbowOverlord 647 126
Za'as (ZAAS) -- Predator Yautja Database
Zaas is a female Yautja fan-character OC who was born in 1987 somewhere around Spring, she was born inside a spaceship during the events of Predator (1987), in a different spaceship where she is not like the others inside, she also has a helmet she never unwears, as she's worn it since she was around in her tween years... she is possibly the professional at climbing and jumping... it is given here that her partner is Lal'e and Zo'elle, along with her youngest sibling brother Z'ee... in her whole life she has not killed a human being... likewise...
Born: March 3, 1987.
Species: Yautja.
Language: English (human voice), Yautja (alien voice).
Name: Za'as. (FULL: Zaas Hiashaki Gre'ash)
Nationality: American (human voice), Alienated (alien voice).
Hobbies: Trainer, Expert, Climber, Professional, Swinger, Adventurer.
Residence: Yautja Scout Ship (formerly).
Likes: Adventuring, hangout, relaxing, spending time, Humans (usually?), Mobians (Sonic brought us here???), being nicer than the other p
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Scimitar class ortho [New] by unusualsuspex Scimitar class ortho [New] :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 78 13 Borg Sphere ortho [New] by unusualsuspex Borg Sphere ortho [New] :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 116 6 Borg Class-4 Tactical Cube ortho [New] by unusualsuspex Borg Class-4 Tactical Cube ortho [New] :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 107 4


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A Borg vessel assimilates some klingon ships after a battle

  • ~About Me~

Hello all!w00t!  I am Orrin Atar and I am a amateur writer, graphic artist, and musician (emphasis on the writer, as I just started learning graphic design and I haven't played music for a long timeSmells Like Teen Spirit  ). I have been utilizing deviantART for quite some time to find inspiration for my stories among the wonderful art the talented artists post here. However being an artist myself I felt like it was time I started sharing my work to. I'm quite new at actually displaying and showing off my my art and especially new at utilizing deviantART to do it, so if I make any mistakes please forgive and of course any helpful suggestions are always welcomeWink/Razz . Of here is a link to a page I run on Facebook so feel free to check it out ...

The Left Handed Path

  • ~An Example of my Work~

The first thing I wish to share is my pet project which is entitled -Reflections of Night- it is a continuing project that I add on to whenever my mind and soul are in the spirit evolving as with each addition. Basically it is a creative commentary in my personal poetic style and reflects the darker said of my soul. I hope that it reaches you and touches something in your own soul as we all have a little bit of darkness in us after all.《~Devilish ~》So I proudly present Reflections of Night! Enjoy.


  • Spotlight-Reflections of Night-Spotlight 

It's always the same thing, day in and day out the thoughts & feelings that become horrible realizations bringing nothing but emptiness as they embed themselves deep in the fore front of my mind. They mock me and make a mockery of my life resigning me to a shameful acceptance of the truth which was once so strongly fought off through denial and self delusion, an inevitable conclusion that I vehemently resisted for so long can no longer be denied.

I have lost my self, my way, and my soul, the fire which once burned in my heart and set my soul alight fueling a seemingly infinite capacity for new challenges and excitement and an unquenchable lust for life's experiences and wonders has for reasons I know all to well been extinguished leaving me a broken husk of a person. I just wish I could throw away it all away, the endless shit that now makes up my wretched existence because I truly can't keep going on like this no matter how hard I try or how far I run it always catches up with me, I am drowning in mediocrity, shame, and fear and I simply don't know how much more of it I can take or how much longer I can hold on, I keep hanging on against all hope, clinging on with ever ounce of strength left in me to the near impossible idea, that one day this nightmare will end and my dream will begin again.

Ever night it happens the sun slowly dips bellow the horizon marking the exile of the nurturing light, which is to be succeeded by the gradual encroachment of the shadowy blackness of nights darkness. As nights reign begins the people under its umbra begin to lay there bodies and heads down, leting the darkness carry there minds away to a world comprised of dreams and nightmares to, hoping to take sanctuary in there false reality until morning dawns once me. But for some the coming of night brings not the comfort of false reality and restful slumber but rather a lonely wakeful hell trapped in the solataire silence of ones on thoughts and feelings racing around your mind offer no quarter for your troubled heart and tartered soul, like Sisphus and his bolder you push away all the trash and refuse polluting your mind only to have it all come crashing back at you again and again. So there as I sit in alone at night and darkness begins to fill the room like a burial shroud, I sit laying awake in my bed praying to a god a no longer believe in. The silence and stillness of the twilight hours transmute into a cacophonous howling banshee in my head, for there is no peace or salvation in the black that surrounds me just loneliness and sorrow. Images dance and flicker in the dark my minds eyes tuning them to demons and devils, representations or maybe incarnations of the spirit that dwells within my on mind and body, the apparitions of fear, sorrow, pain, longing all the things that I pray to be released from. Will the light of day never come, am I condemned to linger in this darkness for all the days I have left to walk this earth. I wish someone would break the world I am dammed to know and free my life from this endless night.

A monster lives inside me one created from withen, a beast formed and tempered by the thoughts and feelings of it's farther and keeper. It dwells within urning to be free, to scream, houl, and to claw, tiar, and rend asunder all that meets it's gaze. A monster burn of darkness, nursed on pain, and sheltered with hate it grow strong on the suffering inflicted and received on it's keeper, his sorrows turning from salty tears into bloody wounds that bled black ichor warm and wet.

My Introduction to the DeviantART Community
Just a little friendly greeting to everyone in the DeviantART community with a brief description of myself and a example of my writing.


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