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Rose for Shurinai, Chapter 2 Page 50


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Rose for Shurinai, Chapter 2 Page 50


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|Solar Eclipse| Valentine's Day 2021

Solar Eclipse

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Intro to TwistedFates

TwistedFates is a story about two men of different royalties who go head to head in a war that spawned after the genocide of the banished partition of an empire. Luke Hirigani, head of half of the Hunter forces, leads the assault against his ex-master, Xenon Naginata, the Oniyan Emperor and ultimate ruler of Corruption who is the byproduct of a sentient alien virus and a young boy named Jake. Unfortunately for Luke, he ends up having to collaborate with his master on several accounts. Will each exposure to Naginata bring him closer to his relapse, or will he conquer the parasitic conscience within him? This story takes place on a Phantom Isla


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|Solar Eclipse| Valentine's Day 2021

OC Drawings

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|TwistedFates| Luke Ref (2020)

My OCs ref sheets

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Elf Cutie Adoptable | $30 | OPEN


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Kitty Kitty Bang!Bang! 10.12

Kitty Kitty BANGBANG

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|Commission| Gale and Leon


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:.Tutorial.: Coloring in Photoshop


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:.TwF -X-over-.: Golden Arc p1

The night was young. Penny Livingston figured that it'd be a good idea to send Terry and his new friends off to a penthouse in Auron so that they could relax and hopefully get away from the War Against Corruption for a while. Terry drove Rune and Varrick to the Golden Arc Hotel. You could say it was a not so pleasant ride; Varrick would kick and scream at the back of the driver's seat, Rune would silently attempt to stop his brother from his raging bickering, and Terry would yell at the top of his lungs with hope that he could shut Varrick up. After a one and a half hour drive, the three arrived at the hotel. Terry was tempted to go for vale

Short Stories

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|Megaman X: Hybrid| Xane (Low-Poly)

Megaman X- Hybrid

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[A Cup of Sugar] Sticker sheet!

A Cup of Sugar

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|Monster Hunter FURY!| Haku (Lagiacrus)

Monster Hunter FURY

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Rose for Shurinai, Chapter 2 Page 23


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