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Face Reveal! by Orr8571
Mature content
Face Reveal! :iconorr8571:Orr8571 2 9
Cultural Exchange - 3
"That's the plan?" Junkers balked. Grifen paused midway through adjusting his beret. Contact with the Reivers had been made and a brief bout of terse authorisations had followed. Whatever the tribesmen thought of them, they didn't decide to punctuate it with open disdain or hostility, since they'd requested to meet the Galena's staff officers. All of them, in person, especially the captain.
"Well..." Midshipman Faunin was the youngest soul on board the Galena, and at 15 technically underage for any military service. She was posted to the frigate as part of her navy scholarship - A high performer at school and earmarked for officer training, she was expected to receive a year's practical experience on the bridge of a serving warship. Luck, rather than any special act of foresight or unknown karmic debt, had put her on the 144-foot frigate rather than a more conventional cruiser.
Long-limbed, auburn-haired and of Asian descent, Faunin had surprised everyone with her natural ability to bl
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 3 0
Cultural Exchange - 5
Several things happened at once.
The trader dragged a pair of chemical-propelled handguns from under the table, in time with his two associates, and lifted them. Verdun vaulted clear onto the long conference table, already gathering her strength to gallop straight at them. The two bodyguards lunged for a wheeled trolley, each struggling with the long-barelled laser cannon slung across their shoulders. Two of the Imperial bipeds ducked beneath the table rather than drawing a weapon. The third, their communications chief, simply kicked his stool back and rode it to the floor as he plucked a laser weapon from its holster. Walcroft span in place, following another of their security detail to the nearest exit.
In the midst of this, Tellis flopped sideways. He managed to knock his head along the way, but the Nanites kept him focused. As the first sharp gunshots began to ring around the room, he opened his mind's eye and asked the Nanites for understanding. In answer, the room stopped dead.
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 0 6
Niska - Cave Diplomacy
"Always another side..." Niska wheezed. The mercenary took another unsteady step. She stumbled, then turned the motion into an effort to sit on the dusty stone. Time for a quick rest.
And, while she was there, to try and make sense of the entire sorry affair. Below her, huddled in a narrow basin between three barren hills, was a struggling mining village. Rich in iron and minerals, but very poor in food and luck. At the top of one of those hills, a dragon that had been terrorising the village. The village had laid an open bounty on the dragon, and so a steady trickle of hopeful thugs had passed through the village to try their luck.
For Niska, the latest such thug, the stakes were a little higher. She'd for some time now enjoyed membership of the Caerin, a prestigious club of the very best private soldiers and the most professional adventurers. Caerin meant pure status in her line of work, but to others it meant accountability and restraint and consummate skill. Unfortunately, a lean y
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 0 5
Mature content
Nonspecific Character Concept - Grieving Mother :iconorr8571:Orr8571 0 0
DuCet - The Next Best Thing
Kevin Brightkettle, only a schoolchild but with his heart set upon sorcery, triple-checked his summoning circle. He'd spent a long time on it; lines and runes buried in the most obscure corners of the internet scored into the polished wooden floor of his bedroom, the rug he used to hide it from the prying eyes of parents was coiled up against the door to keep it shut. Each and every score line was filled with chalk dust mixed with salt and another, blue-white powder he'd found in an online witchcraft shop. Cold iron in the form of a bicycle chain encircled the runes, another line of protection. He'd prepared the ritual according to a book he'd found in the local library, one he'd stolen to ensure nobody could trace it to him. Candles (small, fragrant affairs he'd seen in a home furniture store) flickered in five equidistant spaces around the circle, accentuating the shape of a pentagram only hinted at by the summoning diagram he'd drawn.
Kevin sat on his heels before his masterpiece an
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 1 30
KaD - Overflight
"Lupis Three passing Target B43." Itano Williams shifted in his seat, yet again. Maybe, this time, a reconnaissance flight will do someone, somewhere, some good. Not that he was bitter or anything.
"I see you. Fly straight and level, you're now uploading to the signals drone." The control officer sounded almost as bored as the pilot felt, but kept his voice in a crisp baritone.
"Understood." The officer wasn't part of Lupis, so Itano never took the time to learn his name, but now he was overwhelmed by a sense of kinship. They were both stuck here until the 5-hour tour was over and the flier could turn for home. Maybe he'd look the man up once they were done, share a drink of something.
For all that he was bored, and within the confines of his imagination making a show of it, Itano knew he had no right to complain. He was in the cockpit of an MCH25-F13B Artemis jet fighter, one of the single most dangerous pieces of machinery ever imagined. And this Artemis was under the control of the
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 1 0
Cultural Exchange - 2
"Surely they can't be as bad as all that?" Captain Athur Tellis balked.
"If anything, worse." First Officer Adrianne Verdun kept pace with him on their way from the tastefully appointed officer's mess to Tellis' preferred roost, the primary dorsal bridge. "Damned degerate bipeds can barely bang two rocks together. By my guess, even identification technology is beyond them."
Bipeds, Tellis thought. He and his command staff had put a little quiet thought into the semantics of their unique situation. The indigenous race they were due to meet, the genetically modified creatures that race had recruited as auxiliaries and fellow citizens, and Tellis' own crew, all had a more or less comparable claim to the word 'human'.
The indigs were in some sense the strongest contenders, since they looked and acted much like what their ancient ancestors had evolved into. The reptiles they had cheerfully annexed had met the ancient concept of human too, once, before a megalomaniacal ruler managed to stake
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 2 2
Cultural Exchange - 1
The HLMS Galena (32ÆF21), a newly built Imperial starship with a trusted crew, soared forth under the command of a dead woman.
Not that it mattered much to Lieutenant Yossi Conti, the Galena's sole gunner and fire coordinator. Theirs was a ship with more than one special allowance. For one thing, he was quite literally controlling his station with his mind, via a cord plugged into a small data port at the base of his skull. There were three such Implant stations on the bridge, which was otherwise deserted.
On a whim the lieutenant lifted his head slightly to view his surroundings again. Very little attention to aesthetics generally went into a Cobalt-class frigate, even considering the quality of equipment and construction that separated the frigate model from the cheaper, courser corvette variant. The frames and ceramic-alloy spars that held the bridge module together were in plain view only eight feet above, with cables coursing around secondary struts and tied off overhead wher
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 0 16
GtS - A Gentleman's Analysis
"I hate my job. Damocles would hate my job." - HM Crixin Uen
The Reapers are a dangerous opponent. To even consider fighting one of the sentient machines within arm's reach is to consider suicide, but to have to fight without preparing for every such eventuality is even worse. Dimitri Ilya (ID-26364878) had been tasked with finding and refining a way to hold off a Reaper at close range, without incurring fatalities on either side and in as versatile a manner as possible. The problem was, the techniques were for his comrades Crix Belson and Til Xerin, who favoured a bayonet and crowbar respectively.
A crowbar has no real purpose on the field of honour, in Ilya's opinion. It is a tool for levering open or puncturing certain objects, with neither the balance nor the elegance that defines a handheld weapon, but it could dent or split metal skin if swung. A bayonet however represents the theory that war must be brutal or else it would be loved; a long, sturdy knife made to cut and pl
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 1 11
KaD - A Brief Holy War
I was wasting time in the temple of Loreto. Nothing special was going on, just watching the devotees get on with their wrestling and lance-handling practice. My textiles firm was enjoying a little boost in sales, so I could afford to go out and bother a god or two.
The fighters who work in the temple are an odd lot. Most of them are dragons, like me, but a couple humans have made it into the mix. They spend their days sparring with one another, giving free training for anyone who walks in, and at night they patrol the streets in true vigilante style. nobody has ever seen them sleep, or even try and frown. I guess being a priest of the god of blind unreasoning courage has its effect on you.
Anyway, I was in the temple and watching the sparring circle, so i never saw the human walk in. I did hear the heavy at the door stop someone, and they both started getting aggressive. I glanced over my shoulder in time to see a human male, barefoot in scruffy armour and carrying a comically large sw
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 0 4
Mature content
Outside the Armoury p4 :iconorr8571:Orr8571 0 0
An Alliance of Convenience - 1
“So,” General Fararia sighed, “Let’s get to know one another.”
They had no dedicated war room, not even a tent, so Fararia had simply spread her map on the ground. The other commanders had gathered a little closer to see, breaking their reserved distance. They'd been ordered to rendezvous in this portion of the forest, and in the half day that followed had barely spoken a word. Ideal allies they were not.
"I'm Fararia, and this is Sasha." At her side a mountainous grey Wolfos raised its head and huffed a greeting. "We've led mixed-race armies before but I'm told you two haven't. Don't worry about integrating our forces, just play to your own contingent's strengths and let the others cover your weaknesses." She was trying to keep up eye contact with the other commanders, but it was clear that one of them had lost focus and was staring blankly.
"Uh, milady?" The commander in question, a Lizalfos of the Song-Sayer caste, blinked as she glanced back at Fararia
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 1 4
HMS Dragonfly by Orr8571 HMS Dragonfly :iconorr8571:Orr8571 1 3
Kesaris - Day Off
An easy entrance. Kesaris made her way down the staircase, her tail and modest headdress the only parts to cast a flicker of shadow as she ducked out of the blistering Ashinon sun. There had been no one in sight on the roof and her course had been plotted with stray windows in mind. Before her was the home of Pathenon, a Darknut official of little means but surprising affluence, and to her estimation a possible cause of poverty in the Gerudo capital. The Lizalfos wanted to know how he made his money, and she wanted to know whether damaging him would help others. And for that she needed details. She reached the bottom of the staircase and leaped to a handhold she'd seen almost against the ceiling.
Once safely perched, she unclipped her brass-ringed telescope and, with her free claw, inched the far end of the looking-glass around the corner. One guard, almost soundless in a mixture of worn leather and light chainmail, wearing a winged helmet that obscured the whole face. The guard walked
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 1 35
Teaching Bio - Sebastian
Dr. Sebastian Edward-Patricks
Healing Magic
Mathematics (secondary, specialisation Statistics)
Spellcasting (secondary, specialisation Pyromancy)
Age Range of Students
Any capable of making sense of a medical journal.
Teaching style:
Sebastian believes that the only true motivation is the acquisition of power and control. Whether physical strength, martial or magical skill, political power or greater wealth, nobody does anything that does not increase their ability to control their surroundings. As such he rewards improved capability with greater autonomy, and punishes poor conduct by becoming vigilant for further misdemeanours.
Altruism is an utterly alien concept to Sebastian - there is nothing to gain from helping others at random. He does however understand the values of being worthy of trust and of good customer service, which fills the same purpose in many respects, and as a faculty member at Bloodwing Academy he feels it is part of his duty
:iconorr8571:Orr8571 1 4


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