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Jamiroquai Wallpaper

To my knowledge most of the Jamiroquai wallpapers around are preaty lame so I made one of my own, as you may notice it has the funky cat hat thing and the Jamiroquai type face, neither of which are mine. but if anyone has a problem please message me and I will remove it, but I doubt there will be :D (Big Grin)
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Nice 'n' simple :D

Oh yeah, the logo is called the Buffalo Man I think?
endlessdreamer's avatar
hah, these ones are everywhere, but this is very sharp, i like its minimalistic look :) (Smile)
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um.... well. .i was wondering.. if you made this.. how come i already had it long ago?
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Nice and Simple!
Eurosoul nice!

Peace Ninja Fella
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hehe, nice. jamiroquai rule. nice pice