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Photoshop trick

One of the most frequently asked question about my art is "which tool/brush do you use for your shades ?"

Not a special one, in fact, just a basic one with some preset changes :D.
Enjoy !

download for better quality ^^

see ya!:love:

Sample of works painted with this tool:
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Hi! Since I'm eight hours behind you here in California, this birthday shout to you is late. First of all, even though our artistic styles are very different, I wanted to say that I have utmost respect for the art you create, from which I can still learn much; and I'm very appreciative of your self-less sharing of your methodology and techniques, such as these tutorials. I'm wishing for you a profitable year ahead, not just monetarily but full of grace, inspiration, creative endeavor and all the fun you can handle.
Best regards to you,
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thanks! I'm glad this helps some people. that's little things but still usefull :)
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Thanks again! :)
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How can I save the Settings from the Brush? it setzt itself back to 25% :/
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How would you do this on later versions of Photoshop? When I go to Brush Presets it doesn't have "Airbrush" or "Other Dynamics". Do these play a big factor in achieving that brush? I tried to do this, but the fade only went one way and it didn't work very well.
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in CS6 it's exactly the same. Selct the brush tool and then  click F5 for properties.

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I tried some different things and it's still not working. I'm actually using Photoshop CC (the trial version). Does that make a difference?
Anyway, would it be possible for you to make this brush that you made a download on here? If you could, I would really love that. :)
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thx for the tips :)
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O.m.g. Thank you so much for this. LOL
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So awesome, f*cking fantastic! Thanks for the tips!
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I love you!!! :D
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it do not work in my PS :(
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You are a goddess! This saved my life, no joke lol
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Okay now that is what we call: Usable Information! Further, the Usable Information that has Effective Results. You have no idea how long the solution to that circle effect has plagued me, thank you for the lesson. Thank you!!!
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Roh, depuis le temps que je galérais avec cette brush. Merci pour ce tuto qui va me changer la vie! *o*
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thank you so much, your tutorials are so helpful! i love you! <3
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Thanks!!! Maybe this will help me a lot! :)
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