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Photoshop trick 04

Someone asked me for a trick about "how to make great golden render".
There is a tool in Potoshop made for that, hell yeah!!

here is the tip ;D
enjoy it!

I work with potoshop CS 2 for info !
:star:the tutorial folder here -> [link]
other tips and tutorials:
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that's a nice and simple idea, thanks a lot!
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Your Photoshop tricks are so useful! Thank you ^^
I love this! This is very helpful. THANK YOU! :)
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I really enjoy your art! Also your tutorials are really helpful especially if someone who is just starting to go paper to screen. I'm curious about the materials you use prior to scanning your works into the computer. What kind of paper do you use, pens, ink or anything else? I've been having trouble with making the lines look crisp or losing paper texture.
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I use mechanical pencils (0.5mm or 0.35mm) on 60gr paper in general
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Oooohhhhhhh...... I always tried to do that effect myself XD It takes much longer
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Awesome tip, thanks for sharing!
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Simple, easy to understand and great tip. Thanks :dance:
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merci pour l'info!
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Thank you very much, it was really helpful ^^
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thanks for the tips! speaking of tips, I know this is random, but I noticed you are linking to other pictures in your artist's comments there and it is actually showing little thumbnails of the pics you are linking to. How did you do that?
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thx the ps tips *-* :happycry:
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Yep I only use the dodge tool for highlighting shinny things. Not for shading.
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I really love your "trick" entries. Helps out a lot :D :hug:
Désolée si quelqu'un a déjà commenté sur ça...Mais perso j'ai la version CS4, soit il me manque un outil prédéfini, soit ça n'existe pas sur cette version --'
en tout cas merci pour ces tips ils sont géniaux, ça aide beaucoup!:)
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thanks for the tips!
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Used to make this: [link]

Thanks so much for this tutorial! I could never find a way to paint gold I was happy with, but this works awesomely! <3 <3 <3
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This is totally how I do metals too!
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once upon a time i used to use this heavily, i quickly decided against it, it looked bad.

but it's very useful when used sparingly
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every tool is supposed to be used with intelligence and taste.
there is no bad tool or good tool, you can do great things if you know how to turn them out.
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burn/dodge does not an artist make ;), it's all you

ideally 10-20% of a piece should be very dark, eye referential depth. 60-80% the bulk being medium tones and around 10% bright parts where eye will catch on right away. its harder to achieve balance than one might think

look how the shiny spotlight hair makes her face seem morein the shadow. left it looks like general scene lighting, all because of one highlight, i'nm not fond of that saturated purple hair effect and the direction of highlight should be vertical as per hair flow. still, a good example

tip: using dodge on darker tones works better
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