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Hello, can you help me?
Me and my cosband making LOTR music video and we really need your artwork! can we use your Nazgul? This is fan non-commercial project, of course we will write your name in the credits. You can watch a litle piece of video here vimeo.com/106603682
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Hi there, if you "need it", you can take it . thanks for asking first. Your video and cosplay look great :). But as you 're doing a "live action" video, why do you need my drawing? could you explain where it will appear? (I'm curious! :) )
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Oh, Thank you very much!
We need it for our credits. I make it looks like credits from the last Hobbit movie 31.media.tumblr.com/e577da62d4… and our artists is so tired to draw all cosplayers and nazgul the last one, that we need ^^
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I see :) keep me informed of the video . i would like to see it when it's finished! :)
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Hello! You can watch full video here ^_^
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good job dudes !!the video is quite good :)
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I made a Sith named Darth Siarnaq who looks exactly like this.
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I don't know but I think he looks... sad ^^
amazing work :wow:
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....I want to hug it....without having my soul sucked out or anything just as painful....though that seems impossible....still.*gawk/drool*
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I favorited this ... .
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Ssshire... Bagginsss...
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Hi there, I just thought you might like to be aware of this [link] As she has already copied other artists' works, I looked into this and saw she has done the same with you :no:
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thanks for the comment, as this person gives credits it's okay :)
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looks really awesome =3
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Great in its simplicity!
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very well done, .....especially the facial expression.
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He's so beautiful...
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Hey! I used your masterpiece as a model in my work: [link]

Credits to you!
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thank you :hug: great job!
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