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Kiss for SenHime

Commission Kiss :)

Characters belong to their owners.
Art by me.
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I wish you would draw more like this. XD I love to see good kissing...
RivisIndigoEmporium's avatar
    Aw...just love it.    :aww:
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Well it's great ! <3 Like them very much
wickedgentleman's avatar
Omg such a sweet couple <3 You did it very well as always!
ArtbroJohn's avatar
Very well done!Clap
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
Ca, c'est un très beau portrait. Tellement bien fait que je le fav. :)
gunchin's avatar
Maybe it`s just me but...he looked kinda...melancholic? Especially compared to her, he seems a bit unmoving, stoic even? Maybe its his lack of visible arms, but he does seem to have his thoughts elsewhere and the passion seems a bit one-sided.
crescentwolf01's avatar
gahhhh *drools* what is it about more or less ponytailed haired men with beards that such a turn-on? ----D:
I don´t know but I understand your confusion...something on them, with them....vrrrr :D :D :D 
Mystic-L1ght's avatar
omg, bruh..

this is just wild, i love it.
ekows's avatar
ohh lovely lines and splendid soft smooth colouring! the kissu kissu looks great too haha
Orpheelin's avatar
I love to draw passionnate kisses *3*/
ekows's avatar
i can not put two faces together with out them looking like deflated fishes SO GREAT WORK! haha u make it look so natural!
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