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In the dark side of the court

It's been so long I didn't post any new illustration here! :blushes: The truth is I'm busy and I didn't finished a real full-view drawing for month. I only did some doodles and sketches on my tumblr.

You might have seen this one before, I posted a WIP of the line some time ago.
This guy is Aidan Akh' Arbas, one of my characters, coming from my RP story Djihanes. He's a soldier from the regular army. High born, his family is a great sustainer of the Queen Karma Dassarath. (Karma could be Maleficent in another story XD) He's also a contract killer for the Queen.
Aidan got his design a long time ago, that's why he looks so much alike to Faust in hair cut lines. No problem as long as they won't be in the same story.
related pics:

Djihanes story is written by :iconorpheelin: & :iconzulma-san:
Aidan & artwork (c)2013 Orpheelin
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© 2013 - 2021 Orpheelin
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He's got a wonderful relaxed but deadly quality. Like a venomous snake, all languid, but can explode into blinding speed and kill you before you know he's even moved. I like all the bronze and gold hues.
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I love your style. You should totally draw one my character on the anime i'm making!
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Oh mon dieu je défaille.*-*
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absolutely perfect
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That body~~ 
It's realistic, I wish I was this good at digital -sigh-
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Very solid...outstanding color work on this one.
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Just got one word: Yum! orange dribble 
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gyaaaah il est trop beau =P
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I just love this picture :love: I loved the WIP originally, but this is even better! :D
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Bonsoir ! 
J'aimerais beaucoup ajouter votre magnifique illustration dans le dossier Feature de mon nouveau groupe #Oriental-World
Si cela vous intéresse je vous invite à vous joindre à ce groupe. =) En vous souhaitant bonne continuation !
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merci pour l'invitation je pense que je vais m'y inscrire vu que j'ai tout mon univers Djihanes qui prend place en orient :) l'idée du groupe est très sympa en tous cas! je ne crois pas en avoir croisé avant sur ce thème.
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Mais de rien ! Merci à vous ! =)
Ca me fait plaisir de savoir que cette idée de groupe vous plaît !
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superbe... et ton pichet en or est vraiment réussi^^

il est troop beaauuuuuuu *-*


*se verrait bien avec Aidan encadré sur le mur de sa chambre*

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merci ^^ cette illu sera sans doute exploitée un jour!:3
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The anatomy on Aidan looks pretty neat, but damn... dat pot, so much detail on it, I'm sure it was a blast to paint =3=
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Moi c'est le téton qui me fascine........... (QUOI JE SUIS FASCINEE PAR DES TRUCS TRIVIAUX ! ET ALORS ?!)
Sinon la lumières est super belle !

Pinaise moi aussi ça fait un baille que j'ai pas fini une illu avec décor et tout le tintouin.... =_=
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