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Do not steal art

J'ai hésité à faire ce stamp, mais ces derniers temps plusieurs personnes m'ont reporté des déviations fortement inspirées de mes illustrations et de mon style, et d'autres carrément décalquées.
Je ne suis pas contre le fait qu'on puisse s'inspirer de mes dessins pour "apprendre" ou pratiquer. Là ou s'arrête ma tolérance c'est quand les personnes ne créditent pas les illustrations originales.Le plus ahurissant, lorsqu'on leur demande de nous créditer, ces personnes nient d'abord tout en bloc, et ensuite préfèrent tout retirer de leur galerie, comme des voleurs pris sur le fait. (certes c'est ce qu'ils sont^^)

Alors pour que les choses soient claires je fais une "pancarte" d'avertissement.


Some people on DA reported me traced work, based on my illustration, and they didn't credit me. When I asked them to put my name for the references, they said they don't traced it , and they prefered to delete their stolen work after few days.

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tracing, yes! art style? hell no. you can't own or steal an art style lmao, good luck telling that to any animator out there
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there is a difference between working on an animated TV show (licensed, the studio pay the original authors if it comes from a book or a comic) and steal an art style and make profit on it, just because you're too lazy to find your own.
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If someone was saying that stick people is there their art style and you can't steal it, then nobody could draw stick figures? And what about the realistic drawing of people, nature, and animals? No one can steal an art style.
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from what I saw in the description you were referring to traced work, which is something I am against.
Again, you can't steal an art style. It's impossible to completely have someone's art style point for point UNLESS you've traced over it, which again, is wrong. Not to mention there's plenty of people out there that have had said similar art styles that artists love to complain about longer than they have. You do realize that it is often a method of developing your own work by taking bits and pieces of other people's styles that you find appealing and gradually mixing it to make your own? No one is 100% original, and your art style will never be 100% original. Idk if you're referring to me or other artists but I've never profited off of other people's work, it's literally something I will not draw if you've read my commissions TOS and I will only profit off of requested official art styles (such as any cartoon on tv.) My style is also something that's unique to my own work as it's distinquishable, but it can't be stolen as it can't be 100% replicated. However, I'm allowed to mimic whatever style I want as long as I am not tracing or heavily referencing.
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aww! im so sorry about what happened! 

thanks for this stamp <3

hope that doesnt happen again !
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Well said! Using :3
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no one owns a style.
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>Don't steal my art.

>Find your own style
most people are influenced one way or another. I don't think you can steal a style per say, considering no one will draw exactly like you.
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what are stamps even for?
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using!Love the deigns by the way.
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Merci bien de faire cela.
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