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CGinktober day 2 -Divided

By Orpheelin
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Featuring Yennefer and Triss ^^

The Witcher (c) CDProjekt Red/ Andrzej Sapkowsky

Do not use my art without asking permission.
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© 2017 - 2021 Orpheelin
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    Uh-oh...    :XD:
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Elles sont cool !
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This is incredible!
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Gamers: Triss
Book readers: Yennefer
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This is just so wrong. I'm a long-time Witcher-fan, I read all the books, and I instantly disliked Yen in the books. She's just not my type of person. And I know there are a lot of others who felt the same way.

Why does everyone think one has to like Yen when having read the books? People have different opinions and tastes.
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I agree! She's a very unpleasant character, very selfish and annoying, even in the books.
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Well, this is in general, and you are in the exception. Of course the exceptions always exist in all things, but we can not stop at every exception of all things in the world.
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But there are many of these "exceptions" who think exactly the same like me.

Well, I don't want to argue. I guess I'm just so sick and tired of reading this annoying "IfYouReadTheBooksYouHaveToLikeYen"-thing again and again and again...
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Of course not exist only 1 exception, exist many exceptions, but the exceptions are exceptions. Exist much more people in the general side.

I mean, the humans need simplify their arguments, and for this we speak in "general terms", but it is obvious that exists exceptions. Always exist an exception (including in this sentence). But as I said previous, we can not stop at every exception of all things in the world.

Example: I'm from Spain, and I know that the stereotype of Spanish is "party people", but I'm not a party guy, I'm reflective and introverted, I'm an exception. But I understand that, in general, Spaniards like parties and I accept that, so "Spaniards like parties (in general)," and I have no problem saying that.
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I understand you very well. I already did with your previous post.

I just can not cope with that stereotype thinking so well like you do. :-) Even if it's absolutely correct and there is a "general side" and an "exception side", I'm still so bored by always hearing people speak in general terms. And if something annoys me (especially if I heard it over and over again), I simply have to speak it out loud.

Or maybe it's just the fact that I don't like "thinking in general". I in fact like to stop at every exception I meet and admire it. :aww: Otherwise it would be a quite boring world for me.

Sorry, this is getting so off-topic now, haha. :D
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dual it is, no eye-gouging or maiming, please, just hairpulling, magic and fists. 
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so true ! x'DD
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La Terre va trembler sous leurs pieds!😂🤣
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Really looove this art of yours :la: Playing Witcher 3 for the fourth time xDD
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