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Between return of the death

Hi there! I submit again the deviation which was deleted after a violation report.
It seems there was a big problem with the girl nudity (but the staff didn't tell me what was the problem with this illustration...I guessed it was the nudity....)
So I added a dress... and hope it won't be deleted this time !!


Original characters: Maimon/Azazel(c):iconfailis:
Luce(c) :iconorpheelin:

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© 2008 - 2021 Orpheelin
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Aerio-chan's avatar
I love this work
Ok I'm going to say it again...this picture in this form and the original are just wonderful and beautiful. The emotion is so strong, but then I have come to expect that when looking at your art. :)
Art-2006's avatar
is there some where i can see the original before it was deleted?
Abdeil's avatar
If I might take a guess, it was probably removed not simply because the woman was naked, but with her being naked, it probably looks more like the characters are having actual sex. I've seen plenty of tame art (and yes, I'd call this tame) being removed simply because it has implied sex in it. Not that I agree with that, since sex can be a beautiful thing, but that's probably the reason why.

Anyway. Lovely art. I've always thought pieces like this. I love this it signifies (as least in most cases, since I know nothing about these characters) the tough decision of choosing between one lover and another. Heart wrenching stuff, there.
Xephiria's avatar
I don't see any problem with this, especially with the addition of a dress. Near pornography gets up on the front page and THIS got deleted? Goodness, what is wrong with people? Dx

Anyway, a brilliant illustration as always~ :heart:
KeyshaJ's avatar
Actually, it would have been deleted because explicit sexual content is against TOS. I didn't report, but it is definitely against TOS, "dress" or not.
Orpheelin's avatar
oh you're so kind !! DA rules just sucks when we see all those pussies pics in the front page. I'm sorry but I'm more ashamed by pussies than couples and trio that don't show anything.
JuliaVonMorque's avatar
I really do not understand why this got deleted, I love this!
maria411's avatar
Wow I looooove it , could you please tell me the name of this anime ??!
Orpheelin's avatar
it's not an anime XD !! lol it's my original characters!
maria411's avatar
oh shit !!..sorry :P
JeroGeris's avatar
It's just that good you though it was already published! lol :D I made the same mistake until I read the comments.
It's ok
maria411's avatar
thanks god I wasn't the first one XD
GreyRoseMistress's avatar
Happiest woman in the world right there, at least for now anyway. Wow, you are one amazing artist. I wish I could've seen the original, the nudity doesn't bother me at all, it's still georgous. Great job!
Rburrows's avatar
That's annoying. My sinful nature wishes to see the un-censored version. Lol!
bluepeach's avatar
More sexy manwich, domination...
bluepeach's avatar
Andreussita90's avatar
That one is Luce!!!!

You mean Ulhuan's Luce (sorry like her better with him)
Orpheelin's avatar
yep this is the same ^^;;; she has a lot of fun he?
Andreussita90's avatar
Okay is just that she seems different

but still the pic is hot
elmjuniper's avatar
how stupid. just becasue of the nudity??
there's LOADS of nudity on deviant art. i wish i had gotten the chance to see the original.
i love all your art, it's absoloutely fantastic.
zananeichan's avatar
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