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Third drawing in a series of Fairtale princesses who I'm redesigning in a more mature setting. Some will be more fantasy-like than others depending on the idea I got for them.
None of these princesses are drawn in their original age, but instead they are reimagined in a mature manner at a mature age.

For Pocahontas I felt inspired to mix both the native american roots of the character, the spirit of nature and the colour themes originally set by the Disney movie.
While I made an artistic interpretation of the historical character Pocahontas I also took the liberty of drawing her as a huntress in the warriors attire and war paints of the Tsenacommacah tribe.

Ref photo by :iconraeyenirael-stock:
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SamuraiShinai's avatar
The best way i can describe this... rare depiction of her is Pocahontas meets Mononoke :claps: !!
orogion's avatar
Hehe, never thought of it like that ^^
SamuraiShinai's avatar
Well its true, with the face paint and all :P
IrisAnimae's avatar
So cool and realistic, whoa~
orogion's avatar
carrie-lou's avatar
absolutely stunning! :D
orogion's avatar
thank you! ^^
carrie-lou's avatar
you're welcome :)
crimsongrain's avatar
This is cool, I love this!
Ailantan's avatar
orogion's avatar
Thank you ^^
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
orogion's avatar
Thank you very much ^^
BlackRain1678's avatar
Very impressive work, can't wait to see your future Disney princess drawings :D Can you do Esmeralda next?
orogion's avatar
Belle is going to be next for sure, but after that I might concider Esmeralda. You got any suggesting for her perhaps?
BlackRain1678's avatar
Hmmm...I would suggest taking inspiration from the Festival of Fools scene; the red dress, the dance, etc., but with a much more revealing dress ;)
orogion's avatar
Alright, I can work from that idea on ^^
Jedd-the-Jedi's avatar
Really love this reinterpretation of Pocahontas and Meeko still looks adorable! 
orogion's avatar
Good ol' Meeko ^^
califonia007's avatar
Good job. I simply enjoy your thinking in this design.
orogion's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you do ^^
RaeyenIrael-Stock's avatar
Wow, that's brilliant. Thank you for using my stock!!

orogion's avatar
Thank you for providing it! ^^
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