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Khiara Expression 3

"A Thousand Faces" is a practice series on bringing emotion and expression to fixed characters while studying morphologie without losing the characters facial traits.

Character: Khiara
Expression: Crying
Time: 1.5 hour 
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your welcome, come check my new work.
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So expressive...
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I'm curious, are there expressions that really go OOC for this character ? I thought of this because nothing feels more OOC for Tyra than crying expressions for some reasons (I'm not saying crying is bad ! I cry quite easily myself actually, but Tyra...well given her past and all, the saddest expression she seems to be able to display is a serious, vaguely regretful expression, it's like the character herself learnt to hide her tears without asking me first ! ) 
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That's a very interesting topic and I have thought about this myself many times about many characters. Now what I've concluded for myself is that you have the "typical" expressions (or expression sets) that mainly define or reflect how the character goes through life. The first expression was the typical Khiara expression. This means that typically she would look a little upset, displeased or even uninterested.
Now I believe that all characters have access to all emotions, and having them so makes them human and believable. But not all expressions are on the same layers. The typical expressions are the outer layer, but a crying expression can be the most deepest inner layer. This layer is probably locked away very deeply and only a very select people will ever witness them.

A perfect example I find the fictional character Gregory House, from the series House MD, the cynical doctor. His typical expression would be his sinical or sarcastic face. It's what drives the character and how he wants how the world perceives him. It's the wall behind he hides. The strongest episodes and strongest character development moments are the ones where you see House express himself in a way you don't expect, he cries over something, he shows remorse about an action, admits to being wrong about a statement. It shows the audience the deepest layers of the characters emotional dungeon.

Personally I wouldn't mind seeing Tyra cry in one drawing for once, because that could mean that we are witnessing as spectators a moment where Tyra broke and her most suppressed emotion has surfaced. And while this could be a one life time moment, a single occurrence in Tyra's life, it would add a lot to the character development of Tyra.
(and as a very very very personal note I'll add, and in a small font, that when Tyra shows a wide spectrum of emotions and character and personality. It just puts a big fuck you finger up to all those whiners who attack Tyra for just being tits and ass. And who judge and condemn characters solemnly based on seeing two prominent features on a woman.)
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Ha ha yes I understand what you mean, especially with the Dr House example though I didn't see the series (but I know his basic expression).

However though, I think the fact that one special character (here mine, but that goes for some others too) is not able to cry is also a personnality feature, maybe more in some way than just being able to break at some point like most other people do. It doesn't mean she can't feel sadness, just that her expression of it is personnal to her. I feel that just forcing her into a crying expression for the sake of it would just be awfully OOC and only bring a "fake" development to her.  As we often discussed with my husband, if she failed to protect Marthin so that he would die, she would probably lose the best part of her (her kindness and the good in her alignment) and would turn to a more animal, savage state, probably losing what connected her to civilisated characters (and she would become quite impossible to approach) . That's what I meant, this character has a lot of emotions and way to expresses them, only not the way of more civilisated characters. Of course my point of view is somewhat biased since I created her, but she kinda developed on her own, and I don't think she's a more poor character for not reacting like a more civilisated heroine ^^ )

(Also Tyra has no "how she wants the world to perceive her" side. She's too direct/animal for that. She just is, not really caring about how someone would judge her. I'm not saying it's a good rolemodel or anything :D But for someone like me who used to create/roleplay angsty/very introspective characters before her, she's incredibly refreshing -probably because she is more different of me than those characters !) 

Edit : I just forgot to mention too that she already had that moment where she "broke", but she was 13 and it was way before the story we tell about her and Marthin. She broke and then build herself again from this point, becoming what she is now. That could also explain the fact that putting that a new time in her story don't seem to work, at least the same way. 
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Ah well I think what you gave as an example for Tyra illustrates perfectly how complex an emotion like crying can be. My perception on this that every human being has it's own way of crying. Just like babies cry in a helpless manner to draw the caress emotion of the mother and the protection emotion of a father. Another human being can cry without releasing a single tear. The art in the latter lies in showing the character is crying/weaping without use of a tear which on it's own is a huge challenge and an interesting way of defining a personality.
So in this perspective I can understand when you say that Tyra is unable to cry in the archetype manner of crying. Thus certain archetype way of drawing an expression might feel OOC for a character.

Am I right when I presume that you originally meant: "an expressions can be concidered OOC, when it expresses an emotion in a manner that she doesn't know how to express it." ?
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"The art in the latter lies in showing the character is crying/weaping without use of a tear which on it's own is a huge challenge and an interesting way of defining a personality." That's totally the point :)

"an expressions can be concidered OOC, when it expresses an emotion in a manner that she doesn't know how to express it", is what I think indeed ! I was talking of "crying" as an expression (the one with tears etc). For Tyra great sadness would mostly appear in her eyes, but without the use of tears. That's not that easy to get in a drawing I think, but I'm not really as good as an artist to really know, after all.  
This is so adorable I want to give her a good oldfashioned spanking already.
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I'm sure that will cheer her up immediately ^^
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