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Khiara Expression 2

"A Thousand Faces" is a practice series on bringing emotion and expression to fixed characters while studying morphologie without losing the characters facial traits.
I went very very subtle on the expression as I was still very unconfident about pushing it already. Getting the same face in a different angle was a first step.

Character: Khiara
Expression: Shy
Time: 2 hour 
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That's so cute!
... But when does she ever look like that and MEAN it?
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It's all part of looking innocent before a fatal strike.
'Insidious' should be her middle name...
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Another great expression :love: I should say it's a difficult challenge, because differences are often very subtle and they shouldn't be too exaggerated like in cartoons (Disney movies for example).
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Still, even for cartoony characters it's tricky to keep characters consistent through out a complete film, this is something I've experienced during my education. Respect for all those classic 2D animators out there!
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Oops, I'm sorry, I didn't meant that :( I meant that for each different styles I think you can't draw the same expressions because details are not the same.

And I love 2D animation too and I have respect for all animators (they do an amazing work) :love:
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I think so far it looks great ! The expression is subtle, yes; but I always felt like subtle expressions tended to have a better render than "too much expressive" expressions. And Khiara is really pretty, love her nose ^^ 
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Aww thanks :) I do remember you've always been fan of Khiara ^^
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