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Khiara Expression 1

"A Thousand Faces" is a practice series on bringing emotion and expression to fixed characters while studying morphologie without losing the characters facial traits.

Character: Khiara
Expression: Typical
Time: 1 hour

(based on original
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She's amazing :love: Everything is so well done, great job :D And I can't resist to a such beautiful face :s
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Thanks! That's a wonderful compliment ^^
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You're welcome and you deserve it :D
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She's beautiful !
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Glad you think so ^^
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Yep, she's nicely drawn. And she's really expressive too... good job ^^
ShadowSLS's avatar
Interesting idea =)
Anyway, i very like this picture Clap 
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Thanks, a spur of the moment really, as I figured one thing that still bugged me in my drawing carreer is the amount of effort it takes me to estabilish the same face/character in two sequential drawings. Hence this practice series.
Ooo that's a lovely idea!

Will follow up on this project with rapt attention...
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Well it's a bit of both a light and usefull sidedish for the moment. Sketches like this don't consume too much time as at this point I can't seem to find the lust to get into elaborate paintings. Speedpaintings really don't suit me as they usually piss me off more than that they give me satisfaction, these sketches at the other hand do leave me with a feeling of "time well spend".
Yeah speedpaints... I think you need a special kind of process to even get passable results.

And use of actual expressions is one of my own parameters with which I decide on an artwork's quality. They show skill and dedication as well as a talent for storytelling and even acting. Training oneself to master expressions is a worthwhile pursuit!
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