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I made this one for :iconariathne:, who's writting a story about this elven fire genasi* girl named Khiara. ^_^

I can already say that she's not a typical hot headed girl.

This work was made in commision for :iconariathne:. Please respect that you cannot use this work in anyway.

*a fire genasi is a descended from a far related efreet bloodline. They posses an uncanny and innate affinity with the element fire.
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I likr redheads
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She's so pretty!! :wow:

Great job!! ^_^
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You're welcome!! :hug:
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Her face... wahooo, so nice !
Great work ! ^^
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Thank you so much ^^
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Lovely, there is something very fierce about her, some kind of distance.
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Those words describe her personality exactly. I'm happy that it shows :)
This is fantastic! Your girlfriend is a lucky woman to have someone who can draw like that! I'm just starting up... Failing at the moment!
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Remember Rome wasn't build in one night. ^^
Keep practising and never give up, let no one tell you otherwise! That's my piece of advise.
Could not be better advice ;)
I'll have you know that I've been looking at this for hours and making god knows how many iterations now and I still can't get that damned girl's face right. Couldn't you have picked someone looking more like this person to be Khiara? [link]

*mumblegrumble, vent vent vent*

If this continues, I'm going to paint a paper bag over her head.
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Okay, I almost dropped of my chair from laughing out loud..

... seriously

As a side note: because your comment made me revisit this work I now saw an incorrect fact within the works discription. I'm going to set this straight right away.
(and this incorrect fact was not due to ME changing my mind all the time -_- )
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awesome work... had to fav it ;)
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yay!! :D thanks again and for adding me to your watchlist!
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dude 8D
this is amazing!
keep this awesome work up~
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hehe ^_^ thanks for your thumbs up :D it means alot!
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no problem,your works awesome so I had to say something.
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awww :D got a smile up to my ears now lol
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glad I help with that XD
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