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Divinity: Original Sin

This is keyart I made for the game "Divinity: Original Sin" by LarianStudios.

You can find the website to the game at the link below:

© Copyright 2010,2012 Larian Studios, all rights reserved. Larian Studios, Divinity and Original Sin are registered trademarks of Larian Studios in the US and other countries.
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© 2012 - 2021 orogion
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Love both versions but it still irritates me when I see the censored one in some stores. :x
- - - - -
I don't understand their hands, is he holding only her last 2 fingers?
It seems like 3 of fingers are 'loose'. o.O

And this one seems to be "fixed", was it by you?…

Also, hand-holding. :3
cobalt2468's avatar
I think she looks like a stripper in this one.
drathe's avatar
I LOVE this. I adore both versions, with her having an armor and this version. I love how they are holding their hands, ready to face their destiny together! Great art man, keep on doing amazing pieces like this.
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Thanks for you comment ^^
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I really cannot believe there are people having problem with this art. Eventhough you can only see a weapon on the male, the woman looks way more dangerous to me. She kind of has this intense look of being able to kill you with a simple word and the fact she is holding her companions hand...just somehow makes me believe she is giving him strenght...
well...just me talkin xD awesome art! :)
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I'm glad to read your reaction and see that not everyone looks at it with the same hateful eyes. :)
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well, it is impossible to please everyone :) I personally would not want to change place with you :D since fans and industry can give sometimes a really hard time I believe o.o
orogion's avatar
It's true that its impossible. Yet some people do believe everything should be conform to their believes when it comes to critisising others work.
Dandarea's avatar
Yeah..and they critisise but would not be able to do it better.
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I still prefer the other version because it actually looks like the two are a warrior couple. In this version, she doesn't look like she fights at all. However as an artist, I am behind you even if I don't agree.
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i can't i just....i can't enjoy this artwork, the fact that her belly button is showing? bare skin? tight cleavage? ugh...too much, its just too much. your objectification is too much.

NAAAHH!!  tease haha,, hey man, this is some seriously awesome artwork, the red accents are a bit tried, but true. really grounds out the simplicity of the piece. nice character illustration, and i support your choice to follow your dream and your design initiative, even though i read you had to change the design, its a shame.

the contrast betweenn the two characters is pretty well done as well, love how her armor is very elegant and has a nice bold yet feminine touch to even the fabric etchings, and his is more barbaric and brutal with the blood splats.

But still! keep up the good work! you've got a great game and great artwork to show for it! they don't!
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I love the game too and I heard that the Social Justice Warriors gave you a hard time because of your design choice. Please take heed that there are many of us out there appreciate this game and hate these SWJ for bothering you.
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Great works, really!
I didn't count the hours I spend with Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity! And up to now I played the Alpha of Divinity: Original Sin for over 48 hours ;-)
orogion's avatar
Hehe! Thank. Yeah there's quite alot to do in the alpha ;) and there is still alot more content for the release!
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Hey, watch this ;-) It's from me!…
I'm extremely curious abot the final version, keep up the great work. The last time I enyoyed RPG's (except DD and BD) was in the 80s, it was Ultima on my ATARI 800 XL!
I Love it as with all of your work.
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Thanks for the support ^^
Just played Dragon Commander recently, neat game but feel a lot of things has been cut out and unpolished, I think...
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We're an indy game company so we're often short of... well anything but ambition. ^^ So your remark is definately at its place. If time and budget would have allowed it then I'm sure we could have worked away a lot of the rough and unpolished edges.
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