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Daughter of Fire

Another entry with the girl Khiara, this time as a candidate novel cover for :iconariathne:'s story about Khiara.

This work was made in commision for :iconariathne: who's writing a story about this girl Khiara.
The characters depicted in this drawing are Khiara, a Fire Genasi* from a region called Calimshan.

Please respect that you cannot use this work in anyway.

*a fire genasi is a descended from a far related efreet bloodline. They posses an uncanny and innate affinity with the element fire.
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Great character love the hair                Calimshan is the best region in all of Faerun
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Faerun has so many interesting places to offer it would be wastefull I think to stick with one ^^
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woah....thats amazing... o.o
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Lovely. That expression is kickass with the fire in the background. Stellar :D
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The expression was also the first thing I worked on, it's the main thing that carries the image... with the fire ;)

Thanks for commenting ^^
That look in her eyes... You nailed it. I totally want to give her a pedagogical spanking already.
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Hehe! I won't stop you ;)
What's stopping me is the fair chance she'll burn my house to the ground next...
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i like its overall feel and color scheme; what i don't like is the reflections on the water surface and her overall proportions.
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Thank you for your honest opinion. ^^ The water reflection was done rather suggestive and I can reason in it that people might not like it for it. As for me, it was secondary, and the fact you saw it as water is good enough for me.
Care to elaborate what you don't like about her overall proportions?
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i only give honest opinions; that's why people keep hating me D:

dispite her childlike proportions i think her head still appears a bit "massive" it may just be a nudge too big but for me it does a great lot in respect to like the legs who appear already short due to her dress and the grass covering parts of it..
whenever i look on the picture it is a hard for me to strave over the picture 'cos i get pulled back to her head; which is not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case i think the icture suffers from it

(i could go on but i guess you got my point xD)

also her elbow is a nudge too low positioned (or her lower arm a nudge too short - chose one)

my opinion.

still i love the magmatic fire
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She is 16 in this image, it's not said in the discription, tho this was the intention.
By the thumb rule of 8 heads in 1 body lenght I believe that the proportion I have is correct. Whereas heroine characters are often drawn with a 10heads rule. I didn't go for this purposfully. Indeed, the long grass and skirt design might optically fool you.

As a side fact. Did you know that Eastern European girls in general have shorter legs than their western european cousins?

In anyway, I thank you for taking your time to visit and comment ^^ much appreciated!
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