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Anne Rice Vamp Chibis

OMG I haven't drawn these cuties in FOREVERZ <3

This was for a challenge where I had to draw my favorite book. So i drew my fave characters from my fave book series based off of DanyandDany's art style (cuz they are so awesome).

From left to right, Nicholas "Nicki" de Lenfent, Lestat de Lioncourt, Louis de Pointe du Lac, and Armand aka Andrei aka Amadeo<3.

Twilight ain't got shit on these bad boys <3.

Vampire Chronicles and characters (c) Anne Rice

art (c) :iconorochimaru666:
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XDDD Great work. Especially Amand. He looks so cutie grumpy. xD
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Thank you! Armand is one of my favorites.
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Very welcome!

Yeah, he is one of my favorites as well!! xD
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I love Nicki... he's so cute
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I really wanna give Niki a hug, he looks so sad. ;.;
Actually, Lestat, give Niki a hug now!
I LOVE this! The expressions are priceless. My favorite is Armand, with the look of regal disdain and anger. Lestat is great too, though XD
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thank you!! X3 and yes Armand's expression is my fave aside from Nicholas', thnx a bunch for commenting X3
^^ Yeah, Nicki is so gloom and doom here XD
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Armand! :heart: I love that dude! :D I love Anne Rice myself, her vampire boys are hella awesome. >D
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haha! Those are too cute :D
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Thank you!! <3 I tried to make them as cute as possible X3 SUCCESS!!!
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Thank you!! <3 <3
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so cute. louis eating the rats is funny. love it
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lol thank you n_n <3 <3
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<333 Awesome~! I love the Ann Rice series~

Any chance you would feel like drawing Marius~? XD

<33 These are so cute, wonderful~ I love them XD
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lol sure n_n I have old fanart with Marius and Armand...I should dig it up and redo them X3
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= D Awesome~! <3
lmao That Signature is hilarious. And no, I didn't read it "pen" XD
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