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Yinlong downsi skeletal reconstruction

Preliminary skeletal reconstruction of the earliest and most basal ceratopsian Yinlong downsi from the Late Jurassic of Xinjiang China, based on the holotype and only known specimen IVPP V14530. I describe this as preliminary for a few reasons, but mostly because the specimen was described before it was fully prepared, and no photos show a good view of the postcranial skeleton. The cervical vertebrae are probably all there, but the published photos were just too unclear to make any guess about most of them (even the total number!). Most of the hand is preserved, but was not illustrated in any detail, and both scapulae are at least partially known but impossible to identify other than "present." Additionally, the ischium, and chevrons are also probably present, but still within the matrix. Scale, as always, is in centimeters.
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can I use this as reference to reconstruct Yinlong? I’ll credit you and everything
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Wow, didn't realize it was this complete!
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The specimen is pretty well preserved and almost all there, except for possibly the distal tail. Check it out: