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Stenopelix valdensis skeletal restoration

Skeletal reconstruction of the marginocephalian Stenopelix valdensis from the Early Cretaceous of Germany, based on the holotype specimen GZG 741/2. Scale bar is in centimeters, gray indicates unpreserved portions of partially preserved elements. In modern times, Stenopelix has been considered a pachycephalosaur, a basal ceratopsian, or from somewhere on the stem outisde of Marginocephalia. This determination would be easier with a head, but I'm partial to the idea that it's close to Yinlong.
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Possibly a missing transitional form between marginocephalans and other ornithischians? I'm hopeful!
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Maybe this is the best primitive horned dinosaur I ever met along with Asian ddecendant.
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Is really good see a depiction of the material of this animal. In fact, this and Yaverlandia were the basal pachycephalosaurs of my first dinosaur books.
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Yaverlandia is now a theropod.
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I known, back in the 90's Yaverlandia was supposedly the first pachycephalosaur! :D